The Budrows presenting cigar box Blues and foot stomping beats

The Budrows from California introduce their music best themself. On their website you can read: “Mix  part cigar box guitar with foot stomping beat, add a heaping scoop of blues harp, sprinkle liberally with washboard percussion and top with searing female vocals. Turn up loud, and serve with Whiskey for a good time”.

Folk and Blues with powerful Harmonica solos

This trio really brings fine music. Like no other band they produce catchy Roots, Folk and Blues tunes through guitar riffs and clear vocals. Their harmonica solos do add a whole lot power to their songs and above all, they have good lyrics.

Live on stage performances

Live on stage their songs complemented with their performance are kicking ass. But also their recorded albums create an atmosphere that feels like your just in front of them while they play songs on your porch.

Songs you should really listen are “Roll ‘n Tumblr”, “Devil’s On My Side” and “Mountainbike Song”. These different songs but all have The Budrows flavor.

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Remembering Rock ‘n’ Roll Legend Chuck Berry

 Today terrible news came out in the world of Rock ‘n’ Roll; Chuck Berry the father of Rock ‘n’ Roll died at age of 90. All over the web you find beautiful contributions to his music and life. Chuck Berry is also a huge inspiration  for Black Bull Blues. With his music he influenced many musicians. I made up a little list with Chuck Berry favorites.

Viva Rock ‘n’ Roll is a true dance classic. This song fits every setlist in a bar, concert venue or house party. The tight guitar riff is amazing, but above all Chucks vocals really make this song. Viva Rock ‘n’ Roll was released on his 1971 album San Fransisco dues by Chess Records.

“There’s only one true king of rock ‘n’ roll.
His name is Chuck Berry.”

— Stevie Wonder – 

 Viva Rock ‘n’ Roll

Berry recorded many great songs and logically the movie world featured some of his songs. The 1994 Cult classic Pulp Fiction is one of the movies that featured a Chuck Berry song. Pulp Fiction is a fantastic movie and one of the funniest scenes is the ‘dance’ performance of Vincent and Mia where the dance to “You Never Can Tell”.

“You Never Can Tell” – Pulp Fiction feature

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Album | Okey Dokey by Natural Child full of Southern Rock ‘n’ Roll and Country

Hailin’from the capitol of Country, Nashville, Tennessee the boys from Natural Child released their latest album Okey Dokey in september of 2016. The album title might sound like an ode to Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown’s song “Okie Dokie Stomp”, but there is no proof for that. What we do know is that Okey Dokey brings some  fine Southern Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Natural Child Influences from the 70s

Natural Child might refer more to Clarence Gatemouth Brown than you think. Both musicians did not make Blues but are clearly influences by roots and Blues. Like Gatemouth said: ‘I play American music Texas style’. This trio Does the same thinf and you will hear that in Blues and Rock ‘n’ Roll songs like ‘B$g P$mpin’, but you will also find folk Blues songs like ‘NSA Blues’ in their repertoire.

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New album Animal by one man band Bottleneck Jay from Montreal

The opening song of this one-man band musician really reminded me of traditional delta bluesmen like Mississippi John Hurt and the reverend  Blind Gary Davis. Most of all because of the melodies you hear between the rhythm guitar parts. That old time blues guitar is mixed with a punk-garage sounds and echoing vocals. Bottleneck Jay brings blues from a fresh angle. 

Opening song “Caravane” Bottleneck Jay

“Caravane”, the opening song is a perfect example how he mixes traditional blues with other genres.  Bottleneck Jay’s new album Animal is just out and was released February 2017 via Blacklez Records.

Bottleneck Jay Album Design by Arnopeople

The album is design by Arnopeople and contains a cool mix of skateboarding and Rock ‘n’ Roll symbolics. Check out more interesting band and brand design on his website here. Photo credit to: Bottleneck Jay (bandcamp photo) and the original photographer.

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Boogie and Blues | Monkey Joe recordings from the 1930’s

There is little known about the early life of Jesse “Monkey Joe” Coleman. He was most likely born in Mississippi, he did work there for some period of time.  This American country blues pianist and singer recorded sporadically from the 1930s into the 1970s.

Monkey Joe performed in Mississippi juke joints in the 1930s, and recorded with Little Brother Montgomery in 1935 on Bluebird Records. He began using the moniker “Monkey Joe” during that decade.

In 1936 he recorded boogie woogie song “Gonna Beat It Back To Memphis Tennessee”. This song is worth listening for several reasons, but above all for its structure, clear vocals and catchy piano.

Gonna Beat It Back To Memphis Tennessee

Monkey Joe pianist and session musician

In rhe late 30s he worked as a sassion musician for Lester Melrose, and recorded under his own name with Charlie McCoy, Fred Williams, Big Bill Broonzy, and Buster Bennett as backing musicians.