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About Black Bull Blues

Black Bull Blues is my online Blog / Magazine,  how you want to call it about Blues and all other cool music related to this great genre. I always forgot the names of musicians and songs so I started writing about them.

Over the years this project got out of hand.  I have the pleasure to meet and speak with great musicians from all over the world and that is what Black Bull Blues is about.

Music on Black Bull Blues

You will find mostly Blues, Roots, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Folk, Garage, Surf and Rock music on this website and social media.

It is the history and the myths of the blues that always keep me interested in Blues and Roots music. It is the art of writing music,  and those lyrics that are even now worth reading. Questions like Who is John the Conqueroo? And the deal with the devil? Inspired me to start writing.

If you play in a blues/rock ‘n roll band or know some great musicians let me know on my Tumblr page or via

Use of Photos

All the photos used on this site are under creative commons license or as press material published. We try to add to all the photos the legitimate credit. If you made a photo and want it to be removed, or to be added to the right credit please let us know. We will change or remove it immediately.

Black Bull Blues Logo and Design

The Logo and Design of this website is made by my good friend Howlin’ Quin the Vreede, a LowBrow artist from Rotterdam, my hometown.

Enjoy this website,


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8 thoughts on “About Black Bull Blues”

  1. Hi, I’m a UK artist singer song writer. My debut album” Breaking Chains The Journey” is to be released on 15/9/2015, of which the single “What Did I Do Wrong” which is now out upon iTunes and all major digital stores, is one of two licensed cover songs upon the album, all other tracks have been written and composed by my self. I love the blues and my Album has taken the path as a complete story through my life experience and family past history. I would be much appreciated if you would listen to the album and upon doing so blog your comments. If youi just type in on Yahoo #Rudy Jackman you can be directed to which ever area of information in reference to my music . Or go to my web site. I suggest you listen to” Juliet ” a song drenched in Blues, in a contemporary style but true to the roots of the blues. I’m not that experienced as to approaching bloggers in reference to my music but I hope I have come across in the correct manner.

    Kind Regards
    Rudy Jackman.

  2. The unique and notable blues group, The Lane James Band, would make for a great feature for your website. The band has a tragic and triumphant backstory regarding the bandleader’s struggles with being a Vietnam veteran, the recent loss of his son, and has continued to make compelling blues all while organizing benefit concerts for the Soldier Project, supporting veterans that suffer from PTSD.

    You can check out the band’s Website, Facebook Page and Soundcould below:

    They recently released their latest album, “I Just Want to Talk to You”, in tribute to James’ son, Matt.

  3. Porno Wolves to Release 2nd Studio Full Length, August 2017.

    Renegades is a refinement of the Porno Wolves sound. The forthcoming album is a collection of dance-able tracks featuring striking guitar riffs, thunderous drums, and sing-a-long melodies; Recommended listening at peak volume.

    We are wondering if you would consider reviewing the 2nd full length album from Porno Wolves. Porno Wolves is a psychedelic, bluesy rock & roll group from Minneapolis, MN, who’s sound is based in classic rock canon.


    Ryan & Porno Wolves

  4. Hi guys!

    We are Party Of The Sin, a chilean rock band! We are passionate, ambitious, believe in us, love what we do and know we can go far, working with people that love music too! We are owners of our songs and videos. Up to know we signed a non exclusive contract with turner broadcasting system so they can pass our videos on their channels and have a deal with AWAL for digital distribution! =) We will be waiting for your feedback!




  5. Hi! I’m so excited to have found you as there aren’t many forums that cover rhythm & blues music. My name is Nikki O’Neill and I’m a rhythm & blues/Americana/soul singer, guitar player and songwriter in Los Angeles.

    I released two singles this year and an EP last year – both have received positive reviews by blues/Americana magazines and blogs in Europe and the U.S.

    If you’d like to review my EP; mention my new single ”When Do I Tell Him” or do an interview, I’d be very happy to help you with anything you need in the process. Please visit my website to hear my music and access my press kit.

    Best regards,

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