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Enjoyable Rock driven Blues and Soul from sixties LA Based band Pacific Gas & Electric

Back in the late sixties and early seventies, a band from Los Angeles called Pacific Gas & Electric made some fame with their rock driven blues and soul dripping vocals. Led by singer Charlie Allen the band recorded several albums and recorded their biggest hit “Are You Ready?”. Worth listening is the live album Live ‘N Kicking at Lexington which features the guitar shredding hit “32-30 Blues”.

Pacific Gas And Electric Live ‘N’Kicking at Lexington

This live album was slated for release by Columbia, but, due to legal problems, they never actually issued it. Thirty-seven years later, Wounded Bird finally provided the record’s first release.

Lead Singer Charlie Allen

Remarkable about Pacific Gas and Electric are the soulful vocals of lead singer Charlie Allen. Before becoming the band’s lead singer Allen played the drums. Soon the band discovered Charlie Allen was the best singer in the band, so he switched from playing drums to being the lead singer. Frank Cook, who formerly drummed in Canned Heat came in the band on drums.

Shortened Band name

In the late sixties, the band shortened their name when they signed to Kent Records, releasing the album Get It On in early 1968. The record was not a success, but following the band’s performance at the Miami Pop Festival in May 1968 they were signed by Columbia Records.

A final album using the name, Pacific Gas & Electric Starring Charlie Allen, was recorded by Allen with studio musicians and released on the Dunhill label in 1973. For a time the group also included Rick Durrett formerly of the band The Coven on keyboards.

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