Reverend Sekou And The Holy Ghost

Soul Filled Rhythm and Gospel how we Like It Most! Rev. Sekou & the Holy Ghost’

You may call him the new voice of Soul. His voice digs deep through your veins and his live performance is a show to remember. Do You get the feeling I’m describing: Reverend Sekou and the Holy Ghost brings beautiful soul filled rhythm and blues, added with funk and gospel to your house, bar or festival.

His grandfather played piano in juke joints for the legends including B.B. King, Albert King, and Louis Jordan. Rev Sekou, together with his band is continuing the legacy or -family-tradition- of his grandfather.

The Band Rev. Sekou and the Holy Ghost

Writer, producer and lead vocalist Rev. Sekou is a third-generation Pentecostal preacher and long-time organizer, author, and activist, grounded in the traditions of liberation theology. Beside him stands the Arkansas Delta Blues Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jay-Marie Hill (she/they) is a Black y Boricua genderQueer activist, teacher, and renegade born and raised in the Oakland Bay Area.

Next, you have Jay-Marie who works to deconstruct, liberate and recreate possibility through work at the intersections of youth, Black art, and radical activism. This band brings much more than jest very good songs. They all have a mission and extend it among other things through their music.

Debut Album release in 2016: “The Revolution Has Come”

Well, now we got to the point of their music; their debut album “The Revolution has Come” was released in January 2016. They describe their sound as: “The sound of Rev. Sekou & the Holy Ghost is a symphony of gospel, blues, soul, funk and freedom songs laced with sanctified blues and lyrics that range from religious to risqué”, and that pretty much includes their sound well.

Rev. Sekou – Resist – 5/5/2017 – Paste Studios, New York, NY

May 2017 recording session in the Paste Studios New York

This may their recorded a full session in the Paste Studios, New York, NY, where they recorded several songs, including my favorite “Resist”, which is a heavy Rhythm and Soul song with a direct message. I’m really impressed how good their sound is. The vocals are soul filled and really, really convincing. The backing band is tight like you expect from James Brown’ songs. The backing vocals add an enormous Gospel vibe to the scenery.

Movement for Black Lives

The Rev. Sekou and The Holy Ghost band met in 2015 at a Movement for Black Lives gathering, when Rev. Sekou washed pepper spray off Jay-Marie’s face after police arbitrarily sprayed a crowd demanding they released an illegally detained 14-year-old Unexpectedly reuniting weeks later in Oakland, California they penned “The Revolution Has Come” in less than a week.

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