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ALBUM | “Maness Brothers Bring Rock n’ Roll back into the forefront of the promise land”

Well, this Blues ‘n Roll duo hailin’ from Missouri is influenced by The Hooten Hallers, Radio Moscow, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion anR. L. Burnside.  If that doesn’t make you interested in their sound! The Maness Brother combine some of the grooviest rock ‘n roll with Blues Rock and made heavy guitar and harmonica solos a trademark of their sound.  

Bring rock n’ roll back into the forefront of the promise land

This April the Maness Brothers released their latest album called “Maness Brothers” . As far as blues and rock can be combined the Maness Brother sho’ know how to do that.  From A to Z, songs are heavy, bluesy and groovy.  Like “Bailin’Hay”, which features killer up-tempo drums, screaming harmonica tunes and some fine slide guitar.


“Preacher Man” and more Killer Guitar tunes

“Preacher Man” contains also a killer guitar riff! Heavy vocals which remind you of the vocals of Screamin’Jay Hawkins. Especially after the guitar interlude, this song kicks through the Rock ‘N Roll ceiling up in heaven. “Juke Joint #2” is a hypnotic song, image yourself cruisin’ mile after mile with this “Bentonia” blues type of song.

Vocally my favorite tune of this album is “End of Me”, but also the addictive groovy guitar tune kicks ass.

“Brothers from Missouri following the spirits of their ancestors to bring rock n’ roll back into the forefront of the promise land”

Maness Brothers – “River Witch”

The Maness Brothers put out an amazing album that gets better every time you listen to it. It is good to hear that screaming harmonica complement the killer guitar riffs and aggressive vocal parts. These guys bring a whole lot of good music to your stereo. 

Listen more and follow the Maness Brothers here!

Maness Brothers – Davey’s Blues

Photo Credit: Screen from Maness Brothers Video JR’s Fayetteville, Arkansas

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