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Black Pistol Fire as electric as possible in “Lost Cause” and their latest album DEADBEAT GRAFFITI

“Lost Cause” is the opening song of Black Pistol Fire’s latest album called DEADBEAT GRAFFITI  which was released last year. The rock ‘n’ roll rock duo hailin’ from Austin Texas is back delivering once again up-tempo gritty songs with temperament!  Listen “Lost Cause” here below.  

Album DEADBEAT GRAFFITI: Opening Song “Lost Cause”

“Lost Cause” is a wild song, with a very catchy chorus. Don’t Expect heavy riffs but a fast-thriving melodic lead guitar. This feel good groove sho’ makes me hungry for a fine drink.

From Muddy Waters to Nirvana

This duo that contains members Kevin McKeown on guitar/lead vocals and Eric Owen on drums, and is drawing its inspiration from blues, R&B and rock greats such as Led Zeppelin, Chuck Berry, Nirvana, Buddy Holly and Muddy Waters,

Soundtrack Tony Hawk

the song here below: Hipster Shakes isn’t only a cool rock ‘n’ roll song. Some Gamers and Skateboard fans might also know this song as the soundtrack of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 but above all, absolutely worth listening!

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