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Blues Rock duo The Bonnevilles announce new album Dirty Photographs

 Fans of Gritty guitar riffs, wild drum beats, and straightforward lyrics can look forward to something nice! Northern Ireland rockers The Bonnevilles are set to release a new album called Dirty Photographs on the Alive Natural Sound label.  This is their second studio album for Alive, where they display their love for gritty blues, primitive rock ‘n’ roll and Irish folk.

Dirty Photographs album Bonnevilles

Their other album “Listen For Tone” was held on my record player for several weeks, and this will probably also happen with Dirty Photographs too. The first impression is promising. Title Song “Dirty Photographs ” contains some fine melodies and the guitar riffs remember me of Jimi Hendrix’ rhythms.

Upbeat Affair

About the new album Singer-songwriter-guitarist Andrew McGibbon Jr. reveals “While their new effort still traffics in a similar garage-blues-rock vein as their previous 2016 studio album, Arrow Pierce My Heart, the mood has shifted as Dirty Photographs is more of an upbeat affair.

Positivity in these Songs

“There’s an emotion of positivity on these songs, rather than the usual tales of woe.  Most of the tracks are upbeat, or have a positive message, a message of love or even just plain old fashioned sex.  I know others have written a world of songs about those things but we haven’t, so we thought it was our time to jump in.”

Funny about the album title: “It’s a poem of tribute to my wife’s bum.  She’s very pretty and does have a lovely one.”, guitarist Andrew admits.

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