“Everybody Knows” the Debut single of Soul Soaked Rock band Van Der Neer

“Everybody Knows” is the debut single of Van der Neer. These guys hailin’ from York in the UK  deliver fine grooving Rock music in their own blend.  Inspired by the long road bands like Cream, Led Zeppelin and later The Black Keys and the Raconteurs traveled, Van Der Neer delivers approachable soul soaked melodies, grooves, and tight ass rhythms. 

“Bourbon Street Rag”

While their debut single approaches you like a wall of sound, other work of the band is a mixture of soul, blues, and funk-inspired grooves. Like in “Bourbon Street Rag”, which kicks off with a bass line that digs deep into your veins. Next up, there are soulful vocals and to finish the groove, guitar rhythms add perfectly.

Potent Mix of styles

The band’s potent mix of styles comes from bass player Stu’s love of everything funky, drummer Dave’s love of everything heavy,  guitarist Carl’s infatuation with Beyonce and lead singer Simon’s unhealthy obsession with The Beatles.

Soul Soaked Rock Musics

The band describes their music self best as they tell us: “It combines all of the individual influences of the quartet, but within the music is an alchemical reaction that creates something that is far more than the sum of its parts; what is created, is what one reviewer termed ‘soul soaked rock music’”

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