Ford Madox Ford Rock and Blues band

Ford Madox Ford Debut EP “This American Blues”

Punk Rock Heroes changed into Bluesmen with a brand new debut L.P. “This American Blues”. I’m talking about LA-based band Ford Madox Ford containing former The Dils member Chip Kinman. The LP’s single “Dark American Night” is already a true trademark song for this punk blues band. Listen to it here! 

Dark American Night LP Single

“DarkAmerican Night” is a song that goes Steady Rollin’, no full throttle, but all a grooving blues-influenced rock ‘n’ roll song needs. Add some punk rock inspired vocals to the arrangement and you’ve got the Ford Madox Ford Blend of music.

The L.P.’s singles “Dark American Night” and “Promised’ are now streaming in the band’s Artist Destination Porterhouse Records!

Ford Madox Ford – “Expect It”

Photo: Presskit Porterhouse Records: Photographer: Deb Morrison

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