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Garage infused Electric Blues on New Hoboken Division Album

It is industrial and as raw as garage rock gets. It is also bluesy and Rock ‘n’ Roll. John Spencer Blues explosion meets Janis Joplin. The Delta Blues / Garage of  The Stooges and the blues of Mississippi Fred Mc Dowell.  It is the France based duo Hoboken Division . This November they released their latest album  “The Mesmerizing Mix Up Of The Diligent John Henry”.

New Hoboken Division Album: “The Mesmerizing Mix Up Of The Diligent John Henry”

This November they released a new album called The Mesmerizing Mix Up Of The Diligent John Henry”, via the Disques De La Face Cachée ‎label in France.

This album contains some hypnotizing tracks full of sleazy guitar, dirty and raw-edged vocals like in their song “Howlin'”, on the other hand, you’ll find some more folklore tunes in songs like “436 Procter Street”.


Hoboken Division Artwork Jean-Luc Navette
Hoboken Division Artwork Jean-Luc Navette

Artwork Hoboken Division by Jean-Luc Navette

Hoboken Division collaborated with French artist  Jean-Luc Navette for the creation of their artwork. This resulted in really nice designed illustrations. Jean-Luc Navette also worked for artists like John Spencer Blues Explosion and Reverend Beatman. Check out his website here.

Industrial sounds mixed with Blues and Garage

I’m really impressed how Hoboken Division brings their song with an industrial sound. Through that sound blues and garage influences are pushed into your living room.  Examples of that sound are clearest in  “Shake ’em On Down”  and “Shoot That Chicken”

Follow and listen to more music of this unique duo Hoboken Division on their website and social media channels!

HOboken Division – Shake ’em On Down

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