Mark Porkchop Holder_Courtesy AliveNaturalsound New Album

Guitar-slinging, harp-shredding bluesman Mark “Porkchop” Holder’s new studio LP Death and the Blues,

Mark “Porkchop” Holder’s Just released a new studio LP called Death and the Blues. This release marks the Chattanooga-based bluesman’s second solo album away from his founding band, Black Diamond Heavies.

Mark Porkchop Holder_Courtesy AliveNaturalsound
Mark Porkchop Holder Courtesy AliveNaturalsound

You might know Mark “Porkchop” Holder. He originally turned the blues on its head more than a decade ago as a founding member of punk/blues band Black Diamond Heavies.

Mark has been tearing up juke joints, festivals and dive bars since the Black Diamond Heavies started. It wasn’t until earlier this year that the Tennessee musician released his own debut solo album, Let It Slide.

This November Mark “Porkchop” Holder released his sophomore album Death and the Blues. This bluesman knows how to deliver some of the finest blues songs you’ll find today. This results in an album you easily listen for multiple hours. Expect harmonica tunes that Little Walter and Howlin’ Wolf made famous and, badass guitar solos in the Hill Country tradition.

Captain Captain, is a fast thriving blues songs with striking guitar, grooving drums and vocals that standout in front of the music. Don’t forget to put the Killer harmonica solo on repeat!

Coffin Lid, is a personal favorite for its straight-edged vocals, that are built on a grooving rhythm. The slide guitar digs deep and the backing vocal really adds a whole lot of power to this song.

“Be Righteous” – Mark Porkchop Holder

When “Be Righteous” begins, you might think this is a ballad like the Rolling Stones often made. But after a minute into this song, Mark Holder lets the grooving beats and blues-rock attitude kick off! Sliding guitar tunes are all over and, surfing on this steady beat the Vocals exile to every spot in your living room, car or bar. Lines like “If you treat me good, I treat you better, and if you treat me bad, I treat you worse” makes this a melodious hit song.

“Billy The Kid” drives on western swing and Country blues rhythms and explosives more and more during the song.

“Blues is the music of poor people, and poor people live closer to death than other people do,” Holder admits. “The message of the title track is simple: death and the blues are real. I have a personal connection with the symbols of death; they remind me not to waste my time.”

Guitar-slinging, harp-shredding bluesman

The guitar-slinging, harp-shredding bluesman released  Death and the Blues. On it, Holder, along with Travis Kilgore (bass) and Doug Bales (drums), builds on the success of his previous album with eight newly penned tracks, along with three rousing covers.

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