Little Hurricane by Cory Piehowicz

New Album “Same Sun Same Moon” by Rocking Duo Little Hurricane

This April Little Hurricane released their third full-length studio album called Same Sun Same Moon. the 2-person alternative rock band from San Diego, California, featuring frontman Anthony “Tone” Catalano and drummer Celeste “C.C.” Spina are back with 12 new tracks and ready to roll around Europe and the US!

Interesting about the backstory of the album is that while they were recording in their studio (built on Native American lands), the guitarist was “inexplicably drawn” to remove his shoes and climb an ominous 3,400-foot mountain in a “trance-like state,” without food and water or notifying his wife.

“We may not all share the same beliefs, but people are still more alike than different. No matter if you’re in San Diego or South Africa, living 10,000 years ago or today, we all look up to see the same sun and same moon. We are all connected in one way or another. This message of unity beats at the heart of Little Hurricane’s latest release, Same Sun Same Moon.”


Strange Frequencies and vibrations

Anthony Catalano tells: “I kept hearing frequencies or vibrations that made it impossible for me to work,” he explained. He didn’t come back that night, and a search party tried in vain to find him, but he returned 17-hours later — albeit with kidney failure, frostbite, and severe injuries that left him immobile for over a month.

Same Sun Same Moon: 12 new songs

Same Sun Same Moon features twelve songs with the authentic Little Hurricane flavor. On every new album, they grow more and more in their arrangements, vocals, and creativity.

Little Hurricane - photo by Cory Piehowicz
Little Hurricane – photo by Cory Piehowicz


Grooving Blues in “Slingshot”

“Slingshot” is an easy grooving song on a blues rhythm with straight forward lyrics containing “I don’t want no sugar in my coffee, it makes me mean”. These lyrics easily keeps grooving in your head for hours. But above all, the simplistic concept of the song works out fine.

Folklore in “Moon’s Gone Cold”

Little Hurricane - photo by Cory Piehowicz 2
Little Hurricane – by Cory Piehowicz

“Moon’s Gone Cold” starts with Folkloric Americana tunes. Here and there this may remind you of Gregory Alan Isakov or Scott H. Biram. This song is an example of the diversity Little Hurricane brought on this Same Sun Same Moon. 

Over the years Little Hurricane gained a whole lot of attention. First of all, they are voted San Diego’s Best New Artist and you also might have seen them in Esquire, Sports Illustrated, and Rolling Stone. This new album is a pleasure to listen and I really look forward to the tour around Europe and the US.

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little hurricane – give em hell (live)

Little Hurrican – Slingshot

Little Hurricane – Moon’s Gone Cold

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