SEE: Jesse Redwing Mixing best of sixties blues into a enjoyable long drink!

Jesse Redwing grew up on punk, found inspiration in the likes of Peter Green, John Mayall, Eric Burdon, Eric Clapton and the Stones, then took a step back to “the real shit”: Chess Records, Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, Little Walter, Buddy Guy and Willie Dixon.

Jesse Redwing mixing best of Blues, Punk and Rock

Inspired by the best British Blues and US Blues musicians of the twentieth century Jesse Redwing knows how to deliver Blues inspired Rock songs like “Comin’ On” and “Crawlin’ Up The Walls”.  Especially “Comin’ On” really digs deep and is most recognizable for its brilliant harmonica solo.

His music is clearly influenced by the best rock and blues musicians of the sixties. Listen below to get the groove!

“I wasn’t born to the blues, but it found me somehow and now there’s no turning back,”

Comin’ on

Crawlin’Up The Walls

Recordings in style of the best sixties Blues rockers

Jesse Redwing Recorded so far several songs of a diverse angle. “Turn Away” is a slow blues inspired songs in the British tradition. “Crawlin’ Up The Walls” reminds you of the sound of the Kinks and John Mayall, and last but not least “Comin’ On”  which brings the 60s rock vibe and contains pretty fine Chicago Blues harmonica tunes.  Overall you’ll hear the punk inspiration lightly in the tempo of his songs.

Jesse Redwing Recording an album for 2017

Curious about the future plans they tell us that studio recordings have so far come in the form of high-energy singles Comin’ On and Crawlin’ Up The Walls & Round It Goes – the latter recently launched at a packed Brighton Up Bar – and there’s a full-length album set to see the light in early 2017.

Follow Jesse Redwing Here and Listen more of his music Here!

“A blues revival looks well-and-truly ready to kick off, and Redwing might just be the man to lead the congregation. Hallelujah.”

Turn Away

Jesse Redwing – Round It Goes

Photo Credit: Press photovia Dew-Process  and Create/Control Records in Sydney

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