Prom Queen Press photo by Jonathan Womack

Dark-noir lyrics built on dreamy arrangements: NEW Album Doom Wop from Prom Queen

She makes you think back to the days of the Doo Wop singers era and the nostalgic sound of the sixties,  The Drifters meet the sixties music scene in a pessimistic soulful duet.  With her band, she creates a unique stage presence, always beautiful dresses and melodious soundscape in a dreamy theatre. Prom Queen is definitely a unique voice in today’s music scene.  


New and Third Studio album Doom Wop

She describes her sound best in the band bio: “Prom Queen’s sound marries technicolor B-movie sounds with dark-surf, girl-group noir.” This September she released her third album Doom Wop. 

Dark-noir lyrics built on a dreamy arrangement

On her latest album Doom Wop you’ll hear songs like  “Vengeance (Will Be Mine)” and “Pianos and Bricks”. Dreamy cinematic songs on a basis that consist dark-noir lyrics and melancholic arrangements.  This album easily hypnotizes you for an hour but keeps you curious for more. A lot of bands let the good old days of the fifties Blues, Soul and Rock ‘n Roll revive,  but in that landscape, no one does it like Prom Queen.

Especially the “hit song” “Blonde” really gets your attention. In a scene that reminds you of the heart ballads of the movie Grease.

Cinematic soundscapes from Seattle

Prom Queen hails from Seattle and is headed by Celene Ramadan. She’s backed up by Tom Meyers on drums and Jason Goessl on guitar. Celene adds all the rest including the work on her rhinestone-studded pink guitar.

Prom Queen Performance - photo by Sunita Martini
Prom Queen Performance – photo by Sunita Martini

3rd Release Prom Queen

Gearing up for their 3rd release this fall, Prom Queen continues to expand their sound while keeping their roots in a classic, dreamy, mid-century palette.

Prom Queen Press photo by Jonathan Womack
Prom Queen Performance – photo by Sunita Martini


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