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Grooving on Soulsinger Betty Harris’ classic “12 Red Roses”

Betty Harris made fame in the sixties with her uptempo Soul.  Back in the day, she had three big hits with: “Cry to Me” (1963), “His Kiss” (1964) and “Nearer to You” (1967). Although her song “12 Red Roses”  didn’t reach as high as other songs, this is really a cool story built on a grooving beat about love and life.

Recorded for New Orleans based label Sansu

In the early sixties Betty Harris recorded several hits, later in 1963 she switched to the New Orleans based Sansu Label, to work alongside producer Allen Toussaint. Harris retired from the music scene in 1970, to raise a family. After a long absence, she returned in 2005.

Tweee- eeellve red roses. (horns) Tweee- (do, do, da-doo…)
Eeellve red roses (do, do, da-doo… ooh! )

Heart aches, misery, it’s about to get the best of me

12 red roses don’t mean a thing, I’m gonna throw ‘em away one by
One & left standing in the rain

(One) this One reminds me the day I met you all the lives & loves & Assembled affections

Betty Harris – Cry To Me

Betty Harris and the Excitements + Koko-Jean Davis – I Don’t Want To Hear It

In 2015 Betty Harris performed alongside Spanish based Rhythm and Blues band The Excitements. There is some cool footage online of one of their shows.

Photo By Peter M. Parrella (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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