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Looking Back at sixties blues and soul hit “Being Without You” by Maurice Williams

They had a huge hit with “Stay” Just a little bit longer, but Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs recorded several cool soul songs during the 50s and 60s.  The last few days a listened to a uptempo song called “Being Without You”.  

Performing under different names

Maurice Williams and The Zodiacs performed under several names. Back in the day a whole lot of musicians did it.  I alway guess the reason behind it.  Williams and the Zodiacs started as the (Royal) Charms, the band changed its name to the Gladiolas in 1957 and the Excellos in 1958, before finally settling on the Zodiacs in 1959.

Hit single  “Being Without You”

“Being Without You” was recorded on a vinyl 7″ single in the US in June 1966. The up-tempo rhythms, swinging horns, and tight lyrics make songs enjoyable for many hours.  I also like the fact “Being Without You” is completely different than “stay” which is remarkable for the slow but intense rhythm and vocals.

Recording for Deesu Records New Orleans

Maurice Williams Recorded  “Being Without You” for Deesu Records an American soul record label located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Deesu was founded by Allen Toussaint and Marshall E. Sehorn. The label was associated with Sansu and was a division of Sansu Enterprises Inc. Early releases from the label spelled the name as “Dee-Su”.

Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs – “Stay”

Photo credit: Antoine Beauvillain  / CC0 License

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