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Spanish Soul Shakers Freedonia funk on new album “Shenobi”

Hailin’ from Madrid, Spain Freedonia is a high flying soul, funk and rhythm and blues band. Freedonia released a new double album called Shenobi this year. It is the follow-up of their debut album Dignity and Freedom. Listen here the full album!

Freedonia hailin’ from Spain

The Madrid group was born in 2006 and what began as an adventure of friends was growing until it became a authentic musical rumble that constantly hangs on poster “sold out” and manages to be Trending Topic in Spain.

Debut album Dignity and Freedom

Title song “Dignity and Freedom” is a classic soul ballad  in style of James Brown.  When your lost, looking for hope and in search of soul and feeling blue, this is the song to listen!  Furthe you should listen to “Its Gonna Be Fine” and “I Don’t Nerd You”, these songs show the story Freedonia is  trying to tell very well. Curtis Mayfield and people at Stax Records would appreciatie  this music.


Under the title of Shenobi, Freedonia launches her third job record, a double album with 20 tracks.

Funny about the recording proces is the fact  it’s recorded analog and handmade until getting an organic sound, raw and unique.

Mix of English and Japanese

Shenobi is a mix of English and Japanese, She (she in English) and Nobi (growth in Japanese). On this album you Will hear more organisatie and electriciteit sounds. The soul however remains like you’d expect from Freedonia.

Shenobi’s songs sound on the soundtrack of the documentary Eva’s apple, directed by José Manuel Colón and with which it is intended to raise awareness about genital mutilation feminine

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