Unique voice in the Blues: singer Little Miss Cornshucks

Unique voice in the Blues: singer Little Miss Cornshucks

She was a talented performer of Jump Blues, Rhythm and Blues and Soul ballads in the ‘after hours blues’ nightclubs from Los Angeles to Harlem. She also enjoyed a long stay as a singer in the famous Chicago club DeLisa. With her unique soulful voice Little Miss Cornchucks is an big influence in blues history.

Loneliest Gal In Town Album

This afternoon I was searching through the Chess records discography and discovered besides a whole lot of fantastic musicians Little Miss Cornshucks’ album LP-1453 – “The Loneliest Gal in Town”. When she recorded this album for Chess Records in 1961 she already had a long career behind her as a performer in Nightclubs and recording for several labels. She met Atlantic records owner Ahmet Ertegun in the late forties before he started his label and she blew him away.

‘Try a Little Tenderness’ and ‘To be Hurt’

Everybody knows Otis Reddings’ version of “Try a Little Tenderness”, but Litte Miss Cornshucks version is easily as impressive and was recorded earlier.  Songs like “Never Let You Go” portaits the feeling of deep soul that Esther Phillips and Etta James also did. Another Deep soul song “To Be Hurt” it is one of the best ballads I know. The vocals in the song are impressive, touching but above all fragile as glass.

Its very difiicult to find the album on vinyl or CD but I would absolute recommend to take listen to it!’Little Miss Cornshucks inspired many musicians including Ruth Brown, Lavern Baker and Aretha Franklin.

Try A Little Tenderness – Little Miss Cornshucks

Never Let You Go – Little Miss Cornshucks

Rock Me To Sleep  – Little Miss Cornshucks

Photo credit: William P. Gottlieb [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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