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Alabama Shakes Blues

This southern soulfull blues band is new and rising. Since their debut album Boys & Girls the performed at Bonnaroo, Saturday Night Live  and won a Grammy for best new artist. Therefor a place on the Black Bull Blues Blog.

Athens Alabama

Photo Kim Metso, Alabama Shakes Way Out West 2013
Photo Kim Metso, Alabama Shakes Way Out West 2013

The story of the Alabama Shakes begins in a high school psychology class in Athens, Alabama. Brittany Howard, who had started playing guitar a few years earlier, approached Zac Cockrell and asked if he wanted to try making music together.

A few years later Howard and the Shakes performed in Austin, greating the crowd with `Hello, Austin, Texas. I’m gonna murder you,” huffed singer-guitarist Brittany Howard, stomping her feet as the band launched into “Hang Loose,” a rollicking tune about living carefree.

Blues / Soul / Rock / The Alabama Shakes

Howard, and the shakes formed their band and started writing music after school, sitting on Howard’s floor. “It had that rootsy feel, but there was some out-there stuff.” as the band began playing out, they added more cover songs. They played classics by James Brown and Otis Redding, but also by Led Zeppelin and AC/DC. “We had to find music we could all agree on and figure out how to play together,” says Howard, “and that had a lot of influence on how we play now.”

Sweet Home Alabama

Some great artist were born in Alabama like Willie King, Little Jimmy Reed and Dinah Washington. The most famous song about Alabama is of course Sweet Home Alabama. But J.B.Lenoir wrote a much sadder song the Alabama Blues, released in 1965. “I never will go back to Alabama, that is not the place for me. You know they killed my sister and my brother, and the whole world let them peoples go down there free more sad”. those days are happily over, and The Alabama Shakes would make J.B. Return, i’m sure.

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