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Radio Sessions Ladies of Rhythm and Blues

Radio Sessions Ladies of Rhythm and Blues

This one hour BBB radio session is full of ladies singing the greatest Blues, Soul and Rhythm and Blues hits. The search for amazing music always continues for us and in this edition we focused on the lady performers.

Discovering R&B, Blues and Soul Gems

The cool part of discovering more and more gems in music history is that it’s getting easier every day. It is what keeps us dedicated in the search of songs and for example Little Miss Cornshucks, with her deep soul song “To Be Hurt”. A vinyl copy of her album is if you can find it, easily over $200. Little Miss is of course, part of this session but also the next group of artist.

Etta James and Lavern Baker

The late Etta James needs no introduction, and her hit record At Last is a song you can all dream. In 1965 she released her sixth studio album called ‘Queen of Soul’, song number 10 is called ‘Mellow Fellow’, in which she truly shows the capacity of her voice. Oh yeah she knows how to reach that notes from the heart. ‘ 7 Day Fool’  is also featured in this session which was written by Billy Davis and she released in 1961 for Argo Records.

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50 Minutes Electric Blues radio Session

50 Minutes Electric Blues Session

This radio session is all about the electric blues, with one exception: Big Bill Broonzy’s “Sixteen Tons” an acoustic classic.  You will further find  various classics of Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf, Johnny Otis, Taj Mahall and many more..

West Coast Blues Lowell Fulson

We kick of with “My Aching Back” by Lowell Fulson. This hit was released  on 45 RPM in 1966 as the backside of “Change your Ways” and contains a whole lot of rhythm and was featured on his album “Soul”.

Taj Mahal and Otis Rush

In honor of Taj Mahal’s career Sony Music released an collection of studio recordings called The Hidden Treasures of Taj Mahal. “Chainey Do” appears on this album and is like most of his early recordings a rocking blues tune. Another bluesman in this radio session Otis Rush released his hit “Me” on his 1969 album Mourning In the Morning. This song is very grooving and soulful blues song and contains on hell of a guitar solo  listen at: 2:22 minutes.


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13 fine Rhythm and Blues songs Radio Session

Finest Rhythm and Blues Session

The wide world of Blues, Early Rock ‘n Roll and  allother Black Music is so big and every day you discover more and more great music.  That’s what keeps you dedicated to find the finest songs around. I created a Rhythm and Blues radio Session on the Black Bull Blues Mixcloud account including 13 songs that I’m happily like to share with y’all. This radio session contains some of my favorite artist including Junior Wells, Lowell Fulson, Gary U.S. Bonds and Ann Cole.

“Quarter to Three” to “The Letter”

Gary U.S. Bonds is a fantastic artist who recorded great songs like Dear Lady Twist and Quarter to Three. That song became a number-one hit on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States on June 26, 1961, and remained there for two weeks. In 1968 another great bluesman Lowell Fulson entered the charts with the Rhythm and Blues hit “The Letter”, which he released for Kent Records.

Beautiful Lady Bluessingers

Ann Cole was the original performer of “Got My Mojo Working”in 1956. The Classic blues song wat written by Actor Preston S. Foster. I Really like how Ann Cole makes this song Swing. Another Great Lady Bluessinger is Esther Phillips. Her song So Good really makes averyone happy. In this song we can all see that ladies know how to make a song swing!

Other songs in this session are classics like Evaleena by Billy Boy Arnold, Clarence Gatemouth Brown, Ike Gordon and Bo Diddley, I Hope you all enjoy!
Photo Buddy Guy by By Bubba73 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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