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New Music: Black Joe Lewis

New Music Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears

Black Joe Lewis and the HoneyBears, a fantastic Blues, Funk and Soul Band, influenced by mix of music from the old days. These guys recently released their third studio album Electric Slave. My favorite song is Mustang Ranch. It is time for some new music: Black Joe Lewis, a real Black Bull Blues Band.

Blues music from Austin

Black Joe Lewis CC by Matt W (Flickr)
Black Joe Lewis CC by Matt W (Flickr)

Black Joe hails from Austin Texas the center where southern soul meets mid-western Blues. Joe makes you think of the old blues days when Sam Cooke, James Brown, BB King and Howlin’ Wolf travelled through the United States to play and play the blues and soul sounds we all like. It was the time when blues and soul dominated the music scene from the Mississippi Juke Joints to the Chicago Blues bars. That music influenced many generation after, and I think it influenced Joe Lewis too .

Lewis and the Honeybears, make blues, soul, funk and punk in a new way, here and there it contains some Iggy Pop or maybe Queens of the Stone Age. On the other hand it is very clear that James Brown and Howlin’ Wolf influenced the band.

Electric Slave

The new album Electric Slave is what people are today with their faces buried in their iPhones and the only way to hold a conversation is through text. The next step is to plug it in to your damned head.” Much like not wanting to be a slave to our cell phones, Black Joe Lewis refuses to be confined to genre-defining boundaries or cater to only one of his many musical.

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