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Roadhouse Blues Blog | Morisson Hotel

The American Blues record Morrison Hotel by The Doors is one of my favorite. It is a sunny day, the fifth of July, one day after the 237th birthday of The United States, and while sitting at my front door people pass by. This ain’t the Mississippi or Los Angeles, but music brings you there, while enjoying the sun, through Lightning Hopkins sunglasses. this Blues Blog is about Morrison Hotel.

Although Jim and Ray aren’t real bluesmen,  and The Doors play more experimental, blues, rock with at some point a voodoo flavor over the music. I like it.

Yeah, we’re goin’ to the Roadhouse, We’re gonna have a real, Good time. The future’s uncertain, and the end is always near.

Roadhouse_Blues vinyl
Roadhouse_Blues vinyl

You gotta roll, roll, roll
You gotta thrill my soul, all right
Roll, roll, roll, roll
Thrill my soul
You gotta beep a gunk a chucha
Honk konk konk
You gotta each you puna
Each ya bop a luba
Each yall bump a kechonk
Ease sum konk
Ya, ride

Roadhouse Blues my favorite The Doors song, but on this track the Piano played by Ray Manzarek feels like a Little Willy Littlefield piano tune, that boogie woogie feel. Just like that.

Morisson Hotel is not only a historical album for it’s music. The backcover was the inspiration for a worldwide brand of Hardrock Cafés. I read this article about Henry Diltz the photographer of Morisson. They walked around town looking for places to shoot the albumcover. After a while the took pictures at the small Morrison Hotel, the place that was later turned into some kind of Laundry shop, or maybe a barbershop, for shure it ain´t a hotel at this moment.

The Doors |  Morisson Hotel | Blues blog

That hardrock café as photographed  was already there in the 30s. It didn´t mean rock and roll, at that time, it meant mining or something. After the release of Morrison Hotel, the Doors received a phone call from England, “can we use the name for our pub? Yeah sure go ahead”, and it all started.

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Kitty Daisy and Lewis New Blues Blog

Blues music-Kitty_daisy_lewis_bestival_2006
Blues music-Kitty_daisy_lewis_bestival_2006

This one day, it was a summerday in 2008 I sat outside a bar in my hometown Rotterdam and thought about visiting a concert, there are plenty of music festivals during that time. The thing is a lot of bluesdogs passed away over the years. So my dream to see Junior Wells or Johnny Copeland has been dead and gone for many years. I had to attent at a concert of young musicians.

Blues legacy

Johnny Copeland’s daughter Shemekia Copeland made quite a career as a bluesartist. She was nominated for a Blues Music Award this year, and received the crown as Queen of the Blues. Mud Morganfield is busy continuing his fathers legacy. So this day in 2008 I heard these folks play “I Got My Mojo Working” and it made quite an impression. They swinged, grooved, and sounded like an old chess recording, one room filled with bluesmusicians having fun, but then fifty years later. I found some new music.

Kitty Daisy and Lewis

I heard these two girls sing and swing, It was great. So I ask the bartender the name of these guys. He picked up some coasters and wrote  Kitty, Daisy and Lewis on it. Kitty, Daisy and Lewis are three siblings of the Durham family. They play swinging blues rock ‘n roll with a Hawaiian flavor. It is music for the summer, it is the blues through sunglasses. The song I heard was a Muddy Waters classic, a 1956 song written by Preston Foster and first recorded by Ann Cole.

I got my Mojo Working Blues song

When I got home that day I searched around and found my favorite song “Going Up The Country” a cover from Canned Heat and a traditional.

Another song I really like is “Polly Put The Kettle On”, a cover of an old English language nursery rhyme. The song was transformed into a Blues song By Sonny Boy Williamson I in the 1940s, and later also covered by Big Walter Horton. And now I heard Kitty Daisy and Lewis played it. I haven’t heard a groovier version of it since then.

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Blog for 99 Years blues of Muddy Waters

Today Muddy Waters would have become 99 years. Born in Issaquena County, Mississippi, United States Muddy was one of, or maybe the best bluesman that ever lived.

Muddy playing with friends

This video is a great example of how respected Muddy was. Dr. John, Johnny Winter, Koko Taylor and more fantastic artists show you how it is to play with Muddy Waters.

Muddy Waters harp player

He once said when he was talking about the harp player of the J. Geils band: “If that cat eats pussy like he blows his harmonica, he sho’ is a motherfucker.” Since I’ve read that quote, everytime I see a harmonica player I say the words: “If that cat eats…” and I think of the great Muddy Waters.

‘Hard Again’was the first Muddy Waters record I bought and it is still the best record I have. I found it on Youtube: Here it is!

Blues Blog Muddy Waters
Muddy Waters Hard Again
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