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With a fresh new album the Blues is once again in the perfectly unsafe hands of Left Lane Cruiser. Oh Yeah! This new full-length studio album called, Claw Machine Wizard is what I really looked forward to. You’ll find 10 songs of gut-stomping’ heavy blues from this Indiana-based band.  

Left Lane Cruiser ‘s Claw Machine Wizard stands out for its diversity

Claw Machine Wizard really stands out for its diversity. Expect crazy riffs, Changing tempo’s, heavy vocals and gritty edges on this album. Overall you’ll hear in all songs the Left Lane Cruiser trademark but as an album individually you’ll find out these Guys went into a new direction on Claw Machine Wizard.

Left Lane Cruiser – Still Rollin’

Left Lane Cruiser back to duo format

This is already the seventh studio album for Alive Naturalsound Records from the Fort Wayne, Indiana-based blues rockers. Founder Freddy J Evans IV (guitar/vocals) has returned to the duo format the band has been known for since their inception over 10 years ago (save for the expanded three-piece on their last album of new material, Dirty Spliff Blues). The decision to pare the band back down was made by Freddy. “Left Lane Cruiser was born as a two-piece and our attack and style of blues just works better as a duo,” admits the frontman in their official press release.

Claw Machine Wizard gets better every time

Claw Machine Wizard gets better every time you listen to it. You’ll find at least 4 hits on this album and they’re worth listening all day. “Still Rollin'” is a song based on a heavy blues riff and further contains some fantastic lyrics. “Booga Chaka” stands out for the slide guitar based groove. “Liquor Store” starts as a slow blues song but then quickly turns into a wall of sound. Here they also show how to bring a guitar solo like real Rock ‘n Rollers.  “High Maintenance” is one of the grooviest songs on this album and here I really like how the vocals complement the music so fucking good.



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SEE: Jesse Redwing Mixing best of sixties blues into a enjoyable long drink!

Jesse Redwing grew up on punk, found inspiration in the likes of Peter Green, John Mayall, Eric Burdon, Eric Clapton and the Stones, then took a step back to “the real shit”: Chess Records, Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, Little Walter, Buddy Guy and Willie Dixon.

Jesse Redwing mixing best of Blues, Punk and Rock

Inspired by the best British Blues and US Blues musicians of the twentieth century Jesse Redwing knows how to deliver Blues inspired Rock songs like “Comin’ On” and “Crawlin’ Up The Walls”.  Especially “Comin’ On” really digs deep and is most recognizable for its brilliant harmonica solo.

His music is clearly influenced by the best rock and blues musicians of the sixties. Listen below to get the groove!

“I wasn’t born to the blues, but it found me somehow and now there’s no turning back,”

Comin’ on

Crawlin’Up The Walls

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New Album “Same Sun Same Moon” by Rocking Duo Little Hurricane

This April Little Hurricane released their third full-length studio album called Same Sun Same Moon. the 2-person alternative rock band from San Diego, California, featuring frontman Anthony “Tone” Catalano and drummer Celeste “C.C.” Spina are back with 12 new tracks and ready to roll around Europe and the US!

Interesting about the backstory of the album is that while they were recording in their studio (built on Native American lands), the guitarist was “inexplicably drawn” to remove his shoes and climb an ominous 3,400-foot mountain in a “trance-like state,” without food and water or notifying his wife.

“We may not all share the same beliefs, but people are still more alike than different. No matter if you’re in San Diego or South Africa, living 10,000 years ago or today, we all look up to see the same sun and same moon. We are all connected in one way or another. This message of unity beats at the heart of Little Hurricane’s latest release, Same Sun Same Moon.”


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PREVIEW NEW ALBUM Songhoy Blues’ Résistance

The guys from Songhoy Blues are Hailin’ from Timbuktu Mali and delivering really uptempo grooving desert punk-blues.

They just released a fresh album called Résistance on the Fat Possum Record label. This album was recorded in the autumn of 2016 in London with producer Neil Comber (MIA, Django Django, Crystal Fighters, Declan McKenna).

High Grooving Blues Rock From Mali: Songhoy Blues

I got to admit their song are bringing a mix of al genres in the blues and roots world together. You got basslines that would fit in James Brown’s repertoire. On the other hand, you’ve got  guitar riffs and drum beats that you would hear  on an album of The Strokes. Like in “Al Hassidi Terei”.

According to the Telegraph, The band was formed in Bamako after they were forced to leave their homes during the civil conflict and the imposition of Sharia Law.

Their first song “Bamako” is just released and gives a pretty good impression of what you can expect on Resistance. According to Fat Possum this album is  “a huge leap forward for Songhoy Blues, a musical snapshot of a band at the top of their game. Richer, more eclectic and musically adventurous, it captures a band who, for the last three years, have toured the world and soaked up music far beyond the borders of their native Mali”.

Songhoy Blues – Al Hassidi Terei

One thing is sure about this new album. Their repertoire is broadend with more Rhythm and Blues and Soul and Funk influences. This shows the band is growing musically. Hopefully the other songs are as promosing as “Bamako”. 
Songhoy Blues – Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

Songhoy Blues: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Photo credit: Songhoy Blues profile bandcamp. Credit to the original photographer and Songhoy Blues

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Album | Sophia Urista’s Solo album Ratchet Punk

She gives awesome Blues Rock performances and her songs contain some dark and soulful vocals that could easily be the soundtrack of neo-noir movie. Sophia Urista made fame as a contestant of The Voice US and as lead singer of Brooklyn-based Rock ‘n’ Roll band the VeeVees.

Blues rocker and former Voice contestant Sophia UristaSophia Urista - blues music - press photo black bull blues

Sophia has been dubbed the most promising artist in rock n roll music. Alongside guitarist Brian J (Pimps of Joytime/Bernard Purdie) she released an EP called Ratchet Punk in 2016. She’s also made her mark in New York as MC at Duane Park, The Box, and Sleep No More and stunned audiences at Brooklyn’s Afropunk Music

Especially “Riches” show very well how she mixes blues, soul, and heavier fuzz-infused rock into a longdrink full of obtainable grooves. Her songs are divers and she is prepared to step out of the box of the traditional blues genres.

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Burnin’ Up

Tuyo (Narcos Theme Song)

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