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Documentary “Villa Del Vibro” John Amor Blues Group

John Amor Blues Group - British Blues Rock Music
John Amor Blues Group – British Blues Rock Music

Documentary “Villa Del Vibro” John Amor Blues Group

You might know John Amor as a member of the Hoax, one of the most influential British Blues inspired band of the last twenty years. The Hoax built their reputation on a mix of powerful bluesy punch rock. The Hoax performed through the mid-nineties over Europe and around the world. The John Amor Blues Group is a project where John Amor continues to produce Blues Rock inspired music.

Raw Rhythmic John Amor Blues Music

John Amor Blues Group released their first album “John Amor Blues Group” in 2011, an album that is between the line of garage rock, rock and blues. It is expressive and free feeling music raw and rhythmic.

Think about a jam between The Rolling Stones, The Faces, Radio Moscow Muddy Waters and Reign Wolf. That is what you get if you listen to the John Amor Blues Group.

Villa Del Vibro AlbumJohn Amor Blues Group

Their latest album “Villa Del Vibro” is less raw-egdes but nevertheless very well produced album. Cool about this album and about this band in general is the self made documentary. ‘Villa Del Vibro’ the documentay is like the sound of their music a raw documentary. Filmed with their Iphones in only one-take-shots. It is a candid look into the recording process and provides much laughter along the way

The Documentary shows a band that prepares, struggles and learns to understand what is takes to record a top class album. You will see a band discuss the reality of the situation after four days of preparing. A conversation about the budget and the energy of the recordings. To what level can a band impose the pressure on their performance? How do four instrumentalist react on feedback? Those questions will be answered in a natural way.

‘Villa Del Vibro ans The Trouble With Feedback’ – An iPhone Documentary. from SeeandHear on Vimeo.


John Amor Blues Group Stops

In late 2012 the John Amor Blues Group decided to call it a day. On their website they announced: “After two fabulous years making music and touring, receiving much critical acclaim in the process, we’ve decided to call it a day.” Leaving this great documentary for all the fans behind.

The Hoax Tour

Like many other blues musicians you won’t get a chance to see the John Amor Blues Group on stage again. The Hoax decided they will be playing in Holland and Belgium in 2014 again. Don’t miss their shows…

For the BBC Radio 2 John Amor Blues Group recorded a live session. Watch the recordings below:

Juggernaut BBC Radio 2 Session from Jon Amor Blues Group on Vimeo.


‘BBC Radio 2 Live Session’ Jon Amor Blues Group. ‘Holy Water’

‘BBC Radio 2 Live Session’ Jon Amor Blues Group. ‘Holy Water’. from Jon Amor Blues Group on Vimeo.

‘Eagle’ BBC Radio 2 Session

‘Eagle’ BBC Radio 2 Session from Jon Amor Blues Group on Vimeo.

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Documentary How Britain Got The Blues

Documentary How Britain Got The Blues

Britain played a huge part in the revival of the blues in the sixties. Bands like the Rolling Stones,The Animals, John Mayall and Cream all inspired by blues discovered this great genre back in the fifties. Where was this music comming from? What does all that slang lyrics mean? and what is a Howlin’ Wolf or a Muddy Water. All these question are answered in the fantastic documentary  by How Britain Got The Blues by BBC 4.

“Was it the drabness of post-war austerity or the influx of blues records coming across by boat? Whatever, this is a film that any blues lover should watch. Featuring the likes of Muddy Waters, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Chris Barber and Paul Jones, this tells the story of how Britain got the Blues and shipped it back to the States.”

Watch the Documentary here:

Second part of this brilliant film, showing how young Brits fell for the blues and changed the face of popular music forever.

Third Part of this brilliant documentary about the British blues boom of the 1960s. Featuring the Yardbirds,the Animals,Manfred Mann and the Pretty Things.

Part four of this excellent film deals with the period when American blues artists started to tour Britain. Some great stories from Paul Jones, Val Wilmer, Micke Fleetwood and others about their meetings with Howlin’ Wolf, John Lee Hooker, Jesse Fuller and Sonny Boy Williamson.

Part 5 shows hoe the second wave of blues purists, lead by Eric Clapton, rebelled against the bands with their eyes on the main chance. Featuring Jimmy Reed, Fleetwood Mac,The Yardbirds,The Pretty Things, The Bluesbreakers,Cream,Eric Clapton and others.

The final part shows groups like Cream and Led Zeppelin turned up their amps and moved from clubs to large stadiums overnight.

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