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New Video “Brother I Am Your Keeper”, from Hill Country Blues duo The New Savages

You might know them for delivering the most hypnotic blues around. Their addictive grooves are like alcohol, it gets better every time you taste it. In  2018 The  New Savages continue to bring the blues all over Australia with a new drummer, a new single “Brother, I am Your Keeper” and a 45 date national tour from Jan-June. Listen the single up here!

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Darby & Tarlton’s Country ballads from the twenties: “Birmingham Jail”

In the late twenties Country duo Darby and Tarlton had some succes with their  slide guitar ballads. “Birmingham Jail” is part of their Tom Darby & Jimmie Tarlton: Atlanta 1927-1929 recordings and tells the story of a man longing for a letter from his love. It approaches the poetic essence of Country ballads perfectly.

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The best Hill Country Blues to Dark Americana on NEW album of The Hooten Hallers

The Hooten Hallers are specialists if it comes to hillbilly blues with a happy sound. The Columbia, MO trio are known for hard-traveling and wild, energetic live shows, criss-crossing their way through North America and Europe with their seemingly endless tour schedule. Last year they released their latest EP Mountain of Pain in 2016 and are back with a new record called “Hooten Hallers”.

The Hooten Hallers 2016 EP Mountain of Pain

Hooten Hallers Band Press Photo site
Hooten Hallers Band Press Photo site

“Methamphetamine Romance features some of the “finest New Orleans blues influences. You might think Dr. John  visited the studio to record this song alongside the Hooten Hallers. Like most of their songs, “16 Gallons” also contains happy grooves. The lyrics are like most blues good songs about finding your woman with another man,

When The Hooten Hallers come to town, you know it’s gonna be a party!

Hit song  “40 Oz to Memphis”

“Six Feet To The Ground” is maybe the bluesiest song you’ll find on Mountain of Pain. It may remind you of the slower songs  Howlin’ Wolf made back in the day. The hit of this album for me is “40 Oz to Memphis” which contain unlike other songs a leading violin tune. The melodic duo vocals are most hearable in the catchy “40 Oz to Memphis” chorus.

Hooten Hallers Influences from blues to dark Americana

The band self-describes “the myriad of influences in their music range from pre-war blues to punk rock to dark Americana, with a thematic penchant for the strange and the unexplained. In the same vein, the Hooten Hallers’ music isn’t quite Americana and it’s not quite punk, but a bit of both, fused together in a drunken tangle”.

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Smoking Blues from a country and Rock N Roll Outlaw: Blind Matty’s new EP GRINGO!

Hailin’ from Toronto Canada guitarist and singer Blind Matty is my new favorite Country Blues outlaw. Matty brings his songs with Rock n Roll attitude and power.  But above all, this long drink of American music really convincing.

EP GrinGo! by  Blind Matty

Packed with a guitar and an Eyepatch he mixes all kinds of blues and rock n Roll into a smoking whiskey of Garage. Blind Matty’s EP GRINGO! was released May 14 on Burger Records.

Blind Matty – Gettin’ Stoned with my Ol’ Lady

Gringo! features four songs “Gettin’ Stoned With My Ol’Lady”, “Sugar Mama”, “Put The Shake On You” and, “Rock N Roll Outlaw”. Follow and find more about Blind Matty Here!

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New GravelRoad album “Capitol Hill Country Blues” brings you back to the Hill Country

New GravelRoad album “Capitol Hill Country Blues” brings you back to the Hill Country

The Seattle-based band GravelRoad is back with a new album called Capitol Hill Country Blues! This is the follow-up of El Scuerpo which was released in 2014. Thia is the sixth studio album from GravelRoad and is recorded and mixed by legendary engineer Jack Endino in late 2015 & early 2016.

The title songs of this album “Capitol Hill Country Blues” really honors its name through the up-tempo rhythms and boogie guitar. This song will remind you of the work of R.L Burnside, Junior Kimborough and  of course the bluesman who always is connected to GravelRoad: T-Model Ford.These blues guys have always been an inspiration for GravelRoad and it’s nice to hear that now continu, solid like a backbone on their new album.

Capitol Hill Country Blues

Come and Gone

Rabbit Run

Title Song and favorites

“Come and Gone” Is also a favorite and brings the GravelRoad liquor mix of Blues and Grunge more in place. GravelRoad always brings their blues with a garage-edged angle. But all things beside song is it is a pleasure to listen.

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Bay Area ‘Arhoolie’ bluestrio HowellDevine

Bay Area ‘Arhoolie’ blues trio HowellDevine

The legendary Arhoolie Records label was and is the home of some of greatest country blues musicians around. Lightnin’ HopkinsBlack Ace and Mance Limbscomb, for example all recorded for this label. Since 2012 there is a  new member of the Arhoolie records roster,  Blues trio  HowellDevine .

Hill Country blues tradition

HowellDevine is based in the San Fransisco Bay area and is bringing us a mixture of all kinds of blues in the hill country tradition. You have to listen for yourself to experience the real vibe of the sound. But to get a taste of this music you got to know the grooves are sometimes hypnotic and above you will find a tight mixture of some harmonica and guitar virtuosity.

Sounds Like: Country Blues | Sonny Terry & Brownie Mc Ghee | R. L Burnside | Junior Kimbrough | Davis Coen | Arhoolie Records 

Covers of classic blues songs

The band covered some classic songs like Muddy Waters’ “I Can’t Be Satisfied”. Another song “I Won’t be Long Now” will remind you of the work from Reverend Gary Davis’. I directly thought of Davis’  hit “I am the Light”. HowellDevine’s “She Brought Life Back To The Dead”  contains some fine harmonica which grooves like old Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee songs.  “Let You Go” another cool song, contains a chorus you dig, the lyric part “one of these days..” keeps spinning in your head.

Those who love harmonica should definitely listen to “Woogie Man”, a harmonica song built on a jazzy bass line and jazzy rhythms. HowellDevine throws you back to the heydays of Hill country blues and let you enjoy the true meaning of this music!

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Country Blues revival by Davis Coen

Country Blues revival by Davis Coen

Hailin’ from the Memphis, TN~area Guitarist and singer-songwriter Davis Coen brings some great contemporary country-blues. His voice reminds me of the true blues songs of Eric Clapton and his arrangements of the traditional Delta and Country blues artist such as Son House, Bukka White and Junior Kimborough. But above all Davis Coen lets the country blues revive like no other.

Experienced bluesman from the Memphis area

Coen is an experienced artist who has been touring the U.S. since his teens, either as a solo guitar and vocal act, or commonly accompanied by bass and drums configuration (Coen Bio). Throughout the Southeast and mid-south, you will see him perform at bars, clubs and festivals. Most recent he made his entrance at the historic King Biscuit Blues Festival in Helena, Arkansas. Also fans in Europe can enjoy Coen’s performances where he toured several times.

Nine blues album releases Davis Coen

“BLues from the Get Down”, is a great album filled with harmonica country blues songs. Listen to “Ozone Park Cemetary” to get the feeling of Cons style. Also “D.E.A. Blues” is a treasure of this album. I hear the influence of Kimborough on this song. Since starting Davis Coen has released nine albums.


Off the June 2012 album release, ‘Hard Luck Cafe,’ the song “Mile After Mile” was written & performed by Davis Coen (Shadyville South/ ASCAP). iMovie created by Grace Askew. Footage shot in Como, MS at Delta Recording Services and shot by Grace Askew.

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