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SEE: Kurt Vile’s Pretty Pimpin’ Video from Believe I’m Goin’ Down

Alternative Folk musician Kurt Vile has released a whole lot of songs in the past ten years.  His latest album Believe I’m Goin Down is like the rest of his repertoire a pleasant 12-song art piece containing hyponotic guitar licks and laid back vocal tracks. The former War on Drugs guitarist is  set to tour around Europe and the US this summer.

Belive I’m Goin’ Down – Pretty Pimpin

Kurt Vile I’m Goin Down… is his sixth studio album which was released on September 25, 2015 on Matador Records.  

The opening song “Pretty Pimpin”  symbolises  the unknown feeling of being at a certain point in life when everything doesn’t play like you wanted it to. Add to that some amazing hypnotic, head spinning guitar riffs and Rhythm vocals. this song is a slowtrain which easily could be on repeat for hours.

All he ever wanted was to be someone in life that was just like
All I want is to just have fun, live my life like a son of a gun
I could be one thousand miles away but still mean what I say

Kurt Vile – I’m An Outlaw and  Dust Bunnies

Other Songs on Believe I’m Goin Down are  also worth listening. “I’m An Outlaw” ,  “Dust Bunnies” all feature some southern grooves.  “Lost In My Head There” is in my opinion the most creative song on this album containing abstract grooves and really, really laid back vocals.

Don’t Forget to watch the  Video of ‘”Pretty Pimpin”  which is worth watching. Directed by Daniel Henry,

Kurt Vile – I’m an Outlaw

Kurt Vile performs “Dust Bunnies”

Kurt Vile performs “Pretty Pimpin Live”

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SEE Uncle John Scruggs unique Video from 1928

There is a video online recorded in 1928 by  Fox Movietone News about folk musician John H. Scruggs also known as Uncle John Scruggs. He was an American banjo player born in Buckingham County Virginia.

Scruggs was born a slave, in 1855. There exists a video of him performing the folk ballad “Little Log Cabin Round the Lane” in a minstrel style. Uncle John Scruggs played 5-string banjo in the traditional clawhammer style. There are no other known recordings of his music. He died in Macon, Virginia. Watch the video here below.


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Folk rooted Western Blues by Jonivan Jones


Folk rooted Western Blues by Jonivan Jones

This alternative singer-songwriter from Little Rock, Arkansas brings Folk rooted songs filled with western guitar melody’s and  bluesy rhythms. Jonivan Jones released his easy listenable album Ghostwriter this March.

Ghostwriter:  more than just seperate songs

Jonivan Jones’ album is more than just seperate songs it is one to listen completely to get the groove of the music.  Some will find it hypnotic some will be amazed by the variety guitar sounds. But to get you started listening my favorite songs are “Desert Surf Blues” and “Bar Room Revelations”, but do listen to all! You will notice that his songs are like a blended whiskey, mixed with all kind of raw alternative ingredients.

On youtube you will find some cool videos on Jonivan Jones’ music. Check them out her below or on his Youtube Channel! Listen and follow for more music on Facebook and Bandcamp.

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Luke Wislow King: I’m Glad Trouble Don’t Last Always

Luke Wislow King: I’m Glad Trouble Don’t Last Always 

Packed with a guitar and a whole lot of roots instruments Luke Winslow-King brings a mixture of vintage folk, blues and roots on his latest album I’m Glad Trouble Don’t Last Always, his fifth album and third for Bloodshot Record.

Musical Roadtrip throug American roots

His music is like a roadtrip and Luke Winslow-King travels through the states to pick the finest roots of American music for his songs. “Act Like You Love Me”, the first stop in this journey will remind you of the Chicago Blues through its rhythm and the incredible slide guitar which reminds of the late Elmore James.  “Esther Please”, contains the southern blues close to Hill Country Louisiana and New Orleans. A different song musically but like most of his song recognizable in the vocal part.

The songs on this album are all nicely arranged. Luke Winslow King has a very approachable voice which fits all the different genres of his music. Because if one thing is shure Winslow is a all-round musician.

New Orleans to Memphis and Chicago to Michigan

On his website Luke tells just like you hear it about his musical travel: “It pulses through LWK’s geographical stomping grounds, starting with the pre-war jive of New Orleans, travelling the bloodlines that flow along the Mississippi River toward the Delta bottleneck-slide, and the funky meter of Memphis R&B. Further north, it takes a right for an infusion of greasy Chicago blues, and arrives at the headwaters of his birthplace in rural Michigan for some tell-‘em-like-it-is confessionals”.

I’m Glad Trouble Don’t Last Always is written and recorded while Luke and his band toured in Italy in 2015. After the tour they finished it in New Orleans’s Parlor Studio.

In Luke Winslow Kings music you will hear the influence of a lot musicians in the blues, roots and folk genre. think of artist like Ry Cooder, Bonnie Riatt, but also Elmore James and R.L. Burnside. now and then you will hear influences of Emmylou Harris or Waylon Jennings.

I’m Glad Trouble Don’t Last Always is a great new album and a pleassure to listen on almost every day. follow and learn more about Luke Winslow King on his website or Facebook.

Luke Winslow King – No More Crying Today

Photo credit: Press kit Luke Winslow King – Bloodshot Records

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Song of the Day: Henry Thomas – Fishin’ Blues

Song of the Day: Henry Thomas – Fishin’ Blues

In the North East of Texas lays the town of Big Sandy. It is a small town near to the Sabine River, Folk Bluesman Henry Thomas was born here. In 1928 he recorded the catchy folk blues songs ‘Fishin’Blues’ which is inspiring for ragtime guitar enthusiasts.

Texas Ragtime Style

Thomas played a combination of folk and blues which was called Texas Ragtime. But Thomas did a whole lot more: He recorded 24 sides for Vocalion Records between 1927 and 1929, 23 of which were released. They include reels, gospel songs, minstrel songs, ragtime numbers, and blues. He inspired Bob Dylan and was covered by numerous artist including folk group The Lovin’ Spoonful  in 1965,

interpretation of Fishin’ Blues

In When We Were Good: The Folk Revival by Robert Cantwell, he described that the song may have been written differently. Because in blues fishin’, like a hound dog refers to a female figure. The songs could have   a more sexual context.  The recorded version nevertheless is about fishin’ for fish in the river at one o’clock in the afternoon.

Yes, you’ve been fishin’ all the time.
I’m a-goin’ a-fishin’ too.
I bet your life your lovin’ wife.
Catch more fish than you.
Any fish bite, got good bait.
Here’s a little somethin’ I would like to relate.
Any fish bite, you’ve got good bait.
I’m a-goin’ a-fishin’, yes, I’m goin’ a-fishin’,
I’m a-goin’ a-fishin’ too.

Taj Mahal – Fishin’ Blues

Photo credit By Not specified, owned by John F. Kennedy library [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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