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“Accompanied by little more than a banjo”: William Elliott Whitmore’s Folk and Roots songs

He grew up on his family farm in Iowa, respecting the land on a philosophy of caring for crops, and to never take more than is needed and, ultimately, to try to leave things better than how they were found.  With that approach, William Elliott Whitmore is recording beautiful albums since 2003 in the Folk and Roots genre.  

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Blend of Country and Funk infused Blues on NEW The Texas Gentlemen album TX Jelly

The bluesy sound in  “Habbie Doobie” and “Pain” reminds you of two of the three kings in blues. Albert King and Freddie King would probably like these tracks as the show groove, funk, and soul in a blended mix of Southern Rock. We’re talking about The Texas Gentlemen who released their debut Studio album TX Jelly this September via New West Records.

‘A band Slowly Coming Together’

The band describes this record nicely “Sometimes, authenticity can sneak up on you. The first sounds you hear on The Texas Gentlemen’s debut studio album, TX Jelly, is that of a band slowly coming together.”

“Habbie Doobie” Blues and Funk inspiration

“Habbie Doobie” is remarkable for its grooving guitar riff, which reminds you of Albert King’s “Born Under a Bad Sign”. Also, the Honky Tonk Piano additions in this track make you very happy. On their website you’ll read that it is “a low-slung piece of vintage country-funk that slams out of the speakers and announces the Texas Gentlemen as a force to be reckoned with”, I couldn’t agree more!

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LA Musician Rob LaFond releases She’s Dangerous” from High and Low EP

LA Blues and Folk Musician Rob Lafond released his second EP High and Low this August.  Especially the single “She’s Dangerous” is very catchy.

Blues influenced single “She’s Dangerous”

The lyrics are in style with many blues songs you know: about your “dangerous baby” and the troubled life this can bring you.  The guitar riffs are addictive,  and also the honky tonk piano additions and thrilling backing vocals at the end complement this song positively.

 “I carefully choose all my session players and the instruments we use. To me vibe and feel of a song are much more important than the technicalities of the riffs. I like to keep it a little edgy and rugged rather trying to make everything perfect. “

“I think music and songwriting has to be its own living breathing organism. I don’t like it when it’s too cookie cutter, you gotta dirty it up a bit. I think we live in a society where we try to make things too perfect, it’s not real life.”

Hollywood Noir Video clip

Well, about the “She’s Dangerous “video. This is a true Hollywood Noir film meets Martin Scorsese or Tarantino movie scene. It is nicely done and brings some Rock ‘n Roll attitude to the song.  The video work is nicely done!

Influences from Neil Young to Tom Petty

Rob Lafond’s music is overall folk influenced. Artist like Neil Young, Tom Petty, and Bob Dylan are clearly an influence and hearable through the music. Here and there you’ll also hear some Exile on Street Rolling Stones through the music.  Of course, Rob Lafond created his own liquor mix of music out of the influences.

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SEE: Kurt Vile’s Pretty Pimpin’ Video from Believe I’m Goin’ Down

Alternative Folk musician Kurt Vile has released a whole lot of songs in the past ten years.  His latest album Believe I’m Goin Down is like the rest of his repertoire a pleasant 12-song art piece containing hyponotic guitar licks and laid back vocal tracks. The former War on Drugs guitarist is  set to tour around Europe and the US this summer.

Belive I’m Goin’ Down – Pretty Pimpin

Kurt Vile I’m Goin Down… is his sixth studio album which was released on September 25, 2015 on Matador Records.  

The opening song “Pretty Pimpin”  symbolises  the unknown feeling of being at a certain point in life when everything doesn’t play like you wanted it to. Add to that some amazing hypnotic, head spinning guitar riffs and Rhythm vocals. this song is a slowtrain which easily could be on repeat for hours.

All he ever wanted was to be someone in life that was just like
All I want is to just have fun, live my life like a son of a gun
I could be one thousand miles away but still mean what I say

Kurt Vile – I’m An Outlaw and  Dust Bunnies

Other Songs on Believe I’m Goin Down are  also worth listening. “I’m An Outlaw” ,  “Dust Bunnies” all feature some southern grooves.  “Lost In My Head There” is in my opinion the most creative song on this album containing abstract grooves and really, really laid back vocals.

Don’t Forget to watch the  Video of ‘”Pretty Pimpin”  which is worth watching. Directed by Daniel Henry,

Kurt Vile – I’m an Outlaw

Kurt Vile performs “Dust Bunnies”

Kurt Vile performs “Pretty Pimpin Live”

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SEE Uncle John Scruggs unique Video from 1928

There is a video online recorded in 1928 by  Fox Movietone News about folk musician John H. Scruggs also known as Uncle John Scruggs. He was an American banjo player born in Buckingham County Virginia.

Scruggs was born a slave, in 1855. There exists a video of him performing the folk ballad “Little Log Cabin Round the Lane” in a minstrel style. Uncle John Scruggs played 5-string banjo in the traditional clawhammer style. There are no other known recordings of his music. He died in Macon, Virginia. Watch the video here below.


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