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Luther Johnson – Born in Georgia

Lucious Brinson, Guitarplayer and Singer, (born August 30, 1934 Davisboro, Georgia – March 18, 1976 (aged 41) Boston Massachusetts)

Alongside Muddy and Elmore

Luther Johnson the bluesman who was born in Georige, but made Chicago his home playing alongside Elmore James prior to his death. In 1966 he joined the Muddy Waters band until he started a solo carreer. In 1970 Luther moved to Boston Massachusetts. On his record Born in Georgia he wrote that the Chicago Southside was a rough place was. Some stayed, but Luther Johnson moved to Boston to write music.

Born in Georgia

The first time I heard about this Bluesman was when I bought the album Born In Georgia. Johnson’s version of ‘The Walking Blues’ is magnificent. A song with no drums and no bass, but groovy as hell. Other songs on this album including ‘Born in Georgia’ are filled with more Rhythm, and with bass and drum.


Luther Johnson doesn’t have a voice like Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Water or Lightnin’ Hopkins, but the groovyness and relaxed tone of his voice is fantastic. Especcially on a sunny morning Luther Johnson’s Born In Georgia is one of my favorite records. 


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