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London’s blues rock duo Hot Fiction blends the blues

London’s blues rock duo Hot Fiction blends the blues

British Blues Rock duo Hot Fiction from London blends a modern mix of Blues, Soul, Garage and Rock into a wave of easy listenable music. Since they started performing on stage in 2008 Hot Fiction released two albums. Dark Room (2010) and Apply Within (2012).

Inspiration and style

The songs of Hot Fiction remind you of the music from Led Zeppelin and in some way Jimi Hendrix. In a hotfictionmore recent era, you could compare the rockers with bands like The Black Keys or Black Pistol Fire. ‘Laid Me Low’ from Dark Room is an example of how their songs are a blend of all kind of music styles. It is slow but rhythmic, grooving on the beat with a lot of space for the vocals to claim a spot in the composition.

The interaction between the drums and the guitar is maybe the reason why Hot Fiction’s music is so nice to listen to. These guys know how to build a song around a beat or a guitar riff and from that riff Hot Fiction develops slowly or fast a good grooving track. Their debut album Dark Room is full of songs composed by this concept.

Their second album Apply Within was named in Blues Rock Review’s Top 20 Albums of 2012, appearing on the list with other blues fanatics like Alabama Shakes, Oli Brown and early influence Jack White.

Creative Commons supporter and chart leaders

They are proud supporters of Creative Commons licensing and their music has been championed by the leading Creative Commons music site Jamendo. With the song ‘Manner of Travelling’ reigning supreme at the top of the Jamendo charts and being named The Best of 2012. They show how creative commons music can be a positive influence on spreading band music around the world.

performing through Europe

The future seems bright for this London based Blues Rock duo, travelling through the UK and performing at a whole lot of festivals since 2012. I expect to see them around Europe and The United States in the next few years. I’m sure we will hear a lot of these British blues rockers in the future.

Photo credit: Press photo of Hot Fiction, rights to Hot Fictio or the original photographer of the picture. Creative commons.

Hot Fiction Dark Room (2010)

Hot Fiction – Start It Off, Moral Compass (Live, 2012)

Laid Me Low

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