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INTERVIEW | David Robinson about ‘The Cold Heart Revue’s new album “Renegade Heart”

Hard driving Guitar solos are all over the place and their thriving vocals and harmonica melodies complement the sound of The Cold Heart Revue perfectly. This band knows how to bring Rock ‘n Roll, Blues and Guitar Rock out a stage. They already had a chart-topping Number #1 hit on the iTunes Blues Single Chart with “You’re A Picture on a Wall” and now they released their second EP “Renegade Heart”.

Like many other notable British Blues musicians, David Robinson of the Cold Heart Revue stands out in bad ass guitar solos and blues rocking arrangements. Their newest EP “Renegade Heart” is a shout out for the revival of hard blues rock and that is what we are waiting for!

4 Piece Blues Band The Cold Heart Revue

The Cold Heart Revue
The Cold Heart Revue

David Robinson ( Vocals/Lead Electric Guitar/Lead Slide ) started performing as a solo acoustic blues artist under the name ‘The Cold Heart Revue‘ in 2014. Struck by the authenticity of blues music when performed he recorded his first EP as a solo artist and decided to recruit a full band to perform on the follow-up ‘Renegade Heart’, earlier this year. ‘The Cold Heart Revue’ became a 4 piece band in2017.

Interview about The New Cold Heart Revue EP “Renegade Heart”

Curious about the recording process, the band and the blues scene in England I spoke with Frontman David Robinson about the upcoming The Cold Heart Revue Album “Renegade Heart.

BBB: “All songs on the EP contain arrangements with additions that make the music powerful. For example, The harmonica additions in “American Rain” also the Backing vocals in “Tattoo Girl”, are very appealing. Can you tell something about the recording process? And did you gather some guest musicians?”

David:”Thank you for your encouragement. I am a regular reader of your blog and I am happy to be featured in this article.” “The harmonica on ‘American Rain’ came from a need to add extra heaviness to the sound. The harmonica is a great instrument that ties hard rock to the blues and does give the song a kick. The backing vocals on ‘Tattoo Girl’ came from simple joyful exuberance and they were enjoyable to do. It also helps to differentiate the verses and the choruses. The core of each song was recorded live – the drums, bass guitar, rhythm guitar and lead guitar was recorded with the amplifiers in separate rooms and mic’d up. I then added the vocals, piano, Hammond organ and harmonica.”

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Inpired by the Alan Lomax Archive: The Black Gold Sessions

Inpired by the Alan Lomax Archive: The Black Gold Sessions

The archive of music historian Alan Lomax is a source of inspiration for many music lovers, and one of them is Rawand “Ray” Baziany who got inspired to start an unique Roots and Blues project. Hailin’ from the Black Forrest in Germany a group of musician started recording songs from Alan Lomax’ archive like it was 60 years ago  in Ray’s Studio under the name Black and Gold Sessions.

blackgoldsessions_vinyl_logoRay started the Black Shack Recording Studio in Calw, Germany in 2012. Over the years they  made a name for itself by producing authentic music in the style of the 40s, 50s and 60s. Now they started The Black Gold Sessions. A few weeks ago I spoke with Rawand “Ray” Baziany about the Black and Gold Sessions, the Black Shack Recording Studio and the Black Gold Vinyl Cutting Shop

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Interview: The Blues Arcadia “Memphis Soul and Chicago Blues from Stax to Chess”

Interview: The Blues Arcadia “Memphis Soul and Chicago Blues from Stax to Chess”

Hailing from Brisbane Australia The Blues Arcadia combines the legendary soul of Stax and Motown with the power of the Chicago and Memphis Blues. The Blues Arcadia recently released their debut EP and this band brings us especially live some old-fashioned soul stomp revival.

Their cover of Freddie King’s “Big Legged Woman”, for examplee is great and shows this band can groove like the old dogs of blues and soul. This November I spoke with Chris and Alan about their new EP, their inspiration and about the blues scene in Australia.

Trademark song ‘Rockin’ Chair’

To get in the groove of their music you should listen to ‘Rockin’ Chair’, which is a song where all their talent come together. The vocals are clean an bluesy, Alan gets to high notes easily and the rhythm department is tight like the backbone of a band should be. On top of that you get some nice guitar solos.

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Interview | Piano Rock ‘n Roller James Sayer

Interview | Piano Rock ‘n Roller James Sayer

James Sayer  is a pianist, singer / songwriter, session player and recording artist, originally from Birmingham, UK. It were  artist like Jerry Lee Lewis and Elton John who inspired him in playing  piano Rock n Roll songs. It is a sound James Sayer fits perfectly. He is noteworthy for his tight boogie rhythms and pure voice, you will  hear this back perfectly in his cover version of “Whole Lotta Shakin’  Goin On”.

James moved to London in 2012 where he became a gigging musician, performing almost every night in piano bars, clubs and pubs. In London James met American producer, Alan Glass and they started working together in early 2015. He currently works on the recording of his first full length ablum.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor james sayer piano

Currently recording an album

James Sayer released his debut single “Takin Back My Love” in the summer of 2016. It is now waiting for the release of his full length album which is planned to be in stores in early 2017. I spoke with James about recording, his inspiration, the future and the Music scene in London.

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Ben Hemming explores the ‘Broken Man’ on Goth Americana Blues Album

Ben Hemming explores the ‘Broken Man’ on Goth Americana Blues Album

Whether you listen to music on the radio, live or on your record player, a whole lot of songs are based on traditional themes like love. But describing struggles of a human being, or writing poetry about the darker side of humanity is what London based singer-songwriter Ben Hemming does.

Hemming tries to explore what it is to be human and how in the modern age something seems fundamentally missing in day to day life. On his album “Broken Man” you’ll find 13 songs with that atmosphere packed into a dark Goth, Blues and Americana package.

“Broken Man”says a lot about the main concepts of his work and that was a good reason to ask him about his music, influences and signature guitar riffs.

You will like Ben Hemming’s music more every day because there is a lot  to discover in each single song from the guitar riffs to the lyrics to the intensity.

What music do you listen at home?

“As far as my musical influences, I love the work of early Bluesmen like Son House or Howling’ Wolf. I aspire to the simplicity of the Blues and how one man with nothing more than a guitar and a voice can express so much about what it is to be alive”.

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INTERVIEW |Classic Rhythm and Blues: Joe Liggins & The Honeydrippers-

Classic Rhythm and Blues: Joe Liggins & The Honeydrippers

In the rural post WW II era Joe Liggins made a whole lot of fame at the West Coast. He scored hit after hit with his combo Joe Liggins  & The Honeydrippers.  In the video above you see Joe performing in Los Angeles in 1983. aT age of seventeen Liggins moved from Oklahoma to San Diego and studied music theory. Joe spent most part of his life in California writing and playing music.

California Rhythm Masters in the Oaks Ballroom

Bruce Schmiechen  producer and writer for Bluelight Productions filmed a beautiful interview with Joe Liggins in 1987, just before his death. In this interview he talks about the sensational 1945 hit “The Honeydripper,” his early life and musical inspirations. It is very nice to see Liggins talk about the old days. You feel the joy Liggins has and had in making music.

The interview includes a live version of his classic ” Honeydripper with original saxophonist, Little Willie Jackson. For every songwriter this will be junk food. Start playing a simple bass line, ad a groovy melody, freestyle some lyrics and top with a saxophone tune. That’s how Liggins and the Honeydrippers made their music.

Visit the website of Bruce Schmiechen  for more Rhyhtm and Blues

Playing the Piano

At age of five Joe got interested in music, and started performing. With a little luck a concert pianist offered Liggins’ mother to buy Joe a piano, and she did. Joe managed to teach himself “When the saints go Marchin’ in”. From that song, and a whole lot of time performing in church Liggins became a bluesman.

Photo Credit: Screenshot from the interview ‘Joe Liggins: The Honeydripper’,by Bruce Schmiechen

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Interview | Melbourne Based The New Savages

blues music the new savages

 The New Savages: addictive grooves on slow blues riffs.

Hailing from deep down Melbourne The New Savages built their reputation by digging out long lost grooves from pre WWII era blues music. The New Savages make an art of creating addictive grooves on slow blues riffs.

When you close your eyes it will remind you of Skip James and Lightnin’ Hopkins . The vocals of leadsinger Milan Milutinovic naturally become part of a blues groove that transforms into a Delta, Hill Country or Bentonia blues song. Behind the guitar groove created by Milan lies the influence of drummer Nathan Power, who developed his swinging playin’ style in numerous Jazz outfits.

Steps on the Australian Blues ground

This is good music and like a fast train coming these guys set a bigger foot on the muddy bluesground of Australa every day. Leadsinger Milan tells enthousiastic about The New Savages that was formed originally in 2012. It is only since October 2014 that Milan and Nathan are performing as a duo.

“As soon as I started playing Blues”

I formed The New Savages almost as soon as I started playing blues guitar, right after I got really fascinated by Son House and open G tuning. I tried learning death letter blues and failed so I created my own blues song called Grey Faced Woman (To this day I still don’t know what a grey faced woman is) and an acapella song called Rosie which was inspired by the prison songs that I heard Alan Lomax record. This was about three years ago.

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