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Song of the Day: Johnny Winter – Life Is Hard

Johnny Winter – Life Is Hard

When I bought my first Muddy Waters Record which was “Hard Again” released in 1977 I saw this cool picture of Muddy, James Cotton and Texas guitar hero Johnny Winter laughin’. That album was an absolute masterpierce and still one of my favorite blues albums. As a solo guitarist Winter made numerous album in which you can hear his guitar virtousity. Song like “Shake Your Moneymaker” and “Straycat Blues” are  good examples of what a skillful guitarist he was.

‘Life Is Hard’ is a song in Winters trademark guitar style, a slow blues song filled with guitar virtuosity and the lyrics novel like. Johnny released this song on his album Let Me In from 1991.

Life ain’t easy
It’s a long, hard, rocky road
Well it’s dog, dog eat dog
And survival of the fittest,
so I’m told…

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