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Heavy Blues and Swampy Hard Rock from Meantooth Grin

Heavy Blues and Swampy Hard Rock from Meantooth Grin

Meantooth Grin’s song ‘Homeless and Homesick’ brings a fine feeling of the blues and makea you want to discover more about this band and their music. Meantooth Grin is a blues rock trio from  the north country of Wisconsin. These guys bring a lot more than electric Blues, but the sound of Junior Kimbrough and R.L. Burnside sho’ is there. They also have some similarities to bands like ZZ Top and Clutch.

Mix of Hard Rock and Heavy Blues

In their repertoire you will finde some classic blues tracks, but the sho’do know how to bring some heavy rock to your home. According to their bio: “some people have argued that the band is too heavy to be considered Blues, this did not stop several blues lists and sites from giving the album a very high rating”. The best way to to judge that is to listen for yourself and you probable see that in between de hard riffs there are is a lot of grooving blues tunes.

Meantooth Grin debut album “Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead”

Their Brand of Swampy Hard Rock mixed with blues has been turning fans on for 5 years now and with their first album “Before the Devil Knows you’re Dead” they have gotten their music out on a national level and finally have begun to show the world what they’ve been missing. (Meantooth Grin Bio)

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