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Philly Hip Hop inspired Blues: G. Love & Special Sauce

Philly Hip Hop inspired Blues: G. Love & Special Sauce

G. Love & Special Sauce bring blues on an alternative hip hop beat. This band from Philadelphia really knows how to take the blues sound a little further. In my favorite song “Sweet Sugar Mama” you will get a taste of it! G. Love & Special Sauce show how the blues has influenced music in every decade.

Sweet Sugar Mama

In Hill Country and Chicago Blues songs I always admire the groove of the drum beat because these drummers  often use crazy rhythms.  Also on albums recorded for the Cadet Concept Label the drum surpasses the standard drumbeat.

Well, that is the kind of groove you’ll find in the  hip hop inspired blues of G. Love. “Sweet Sugar Mama” mixes blues harmonica with hip hop beats and on top it adds laid back vocal part. It is a easy trademark for some, but therefor G. Love created an unique sound.

The tradition of the hip-hop blues has always been to rip open the heart and bare the soul. Tell the listener what they want to hear and you’ll have a fair weather friend; tell them the way it is and you’ll have true love.

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Dan Auerbach before Black Keys: The Barnburners


Dan Auerbach before Black Keys: The Barnburners

Before Dan Auerbach made fame with the Black Keys, you could see him in the Northside, a now defunct bar in Akron, Ohio. The Barnburners recorded some fine blues and boogie songs including the Junior Kimborough coverMeet Me In The City“. They had a regular gig and eventually released a six track EP called ‘Raw Boogie’.

The Barnburners were Dan Auerbach guitar, Kip Amore a.k.a. Johnny Belvedere (of the Plymouth Belvederes!) on bass, and Jason “Del Fuego” Edwards on drums. On Rawboogie you hear some very nice blues songs that remind you of R.L Burnside, Junior  Kimborough and some of the traditional Chicago Bluesmen.

Electric Drippin’ Blues Songs

The fast and electric drippin’ blues  songs on Rawboogie played on the slide guitar remind you of Hound Dog Taylor and the houserockers. Get a feelin’ of it when you listen to “Back to Georgia”, which in some way reminds me of “Let’s get Funky” from Hound Dog Taylor. “Take Five” the fourth song of the EP, has that same kind of drippin’ boogie.

The Barnburners – The Rawboogie

Rawboogie EP a tribute to the Blues

I’ve been listening to this album the last few days. The Barnburners mix fast boogie with slow delta blues sounds. It keeps you moving. I was on the road for a couple of days, and all I could think was that for an album that is only a half hour of music, it is a great six-song-experience. Actually more than that. Rawboogie is a tribute to all blues.

I’m a big fan of the Black Keys but man, I’m happy that the Barnburners were first. Hopefully we will see these guys on stage again. For good old times!

Photo Credit: Dan Auerbach via photopin (license)

The Barnburners – “Meet Me in the City”

The Barnburners 2002 – Baby Please Don’t Go

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Jeff Martin’s “The Black Snake Blues”

Jeff Martin’s – The Black Snake Blues

With the guitar on your knees you can bring some of the finest blues around. Texas bluesman Black Ace sho’ knew how to play the squire-necked guitar. He showed us that you can really bring the blues feelling to your audience this way. The Black Snake Blues performed by Jeff Martin is a song that has a similar thrill, it brings you back to the delta, and I try to imagine how this would sound on a lonesome porch or what melancholic place you would like.

 Solo album Jeff Martin ‘Exile and the Kingdom’

Jeff Martin a former member of Canadian alternative band The Tea Party. After the Tea Party announced an extended break Martin moved to Ireland to record his debut solo album titled Exile and the Kingdom. One of the fine songs on this album is Black Snake Blues. The title is derived from the 1957 book of the same name by Albert Camus.

Jeff Martin @ Fly By Night Club (3 4 2010) (4507514838)
By Stuart Sevastos [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
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Interview | Melbourne Based The New Savages

blues music the new savages

 The New Savages: addictive grooves on slow blues riffs.

Hailing from deep down Melbourne The New Savages built their reputation by digging out long lost grooves from pre WWII era blues music. The New Savages make an art of creating addictive grooves on slow blues riffs.

When you close your eyes it will remind you of Skip James and Lightnin’ Hopkins . The vocals of leadsinger Milan Milutinovic naturally become part of a blues groove that transforms into a Delta, Hill Country or Bentonia blues song. Behind the guitar groove created by Milan lies the influence of drummer Nathan Power, who developed his swinging playin’ style in numerous Jazz outfits.

Steps on the Australian Blues ground

This is good music and like a fast train coming these guys set a bigger foot on the muddy bluesground of Australa every day. Leadsinger Milan tells enthousiastic about The New Savages that was formed originally in 2012. It is only since October 2014 that Milan and Nathan are performing as a duo.

“As soon as I started playing Blues”

I formed The New Savages almost as soon as I started playing blues guitar, right after I got really fascinated by Son House and open G tuning. I tried learning death letter blues and failed so I created my own blues song called Grey Faced Woman (To this day I still don’t know what a grey faced woman is) and an acapella song called Rosie which was inspired by the prison songs that I heard Alan Lomax record. This was about three years ago.

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Reviving the Blues from Lebanon: The Wanton Bishops

Reviving the Blues from Lebanon: The Wanton Bishops

Blues music inspires people around the world, and everywhere you go you will find some great Blues bands. So the question; “Is there cool blues from the Middle East?” Hell Yeah! And some god damn fine Blues would be the answer. The Wanton Bishops sho’ know how to. This duo from Beirut Lebanon brings you the tight, howl full blues we like since 2010.

The Wanton Bishops made me enthusiastic for over more than two weeks. The power which the Wanton Bishops give away by playing blues, is as rare as the Chicago blues acts we first heard in the fifties and forties from Muddy, Wolf and Walter.

Folkloric Blues rhythms

It is not that raw or dark, it is very tight rocking blues. Like Guns ‘n Roses did with the Hard Rock in the eighties, the Wanton Bishops Do it now with the Blues heritage from Chicago and the Swamps.

“Howl” is a groove song, starting off with the bass drum kick, followed by a killer harmonica tune. “Sleep with the Lights On” from their debut album is also a killer song. With tight folkloric drums, powerful vocals and a heavy guitar riff.

Beirut, Lebanon based blues band

The Wanton Bishops are Nader and Eddy, these two Bluesmen met each other in a bar in Beirut Lebanon. Technically it was outside a bar in the middle of a fist fight. Especially in blues music friendships develop pretty good over liquor, and in this case over cheap tequila. The love for stomp Blues and Rock ‘n’ Roll developed between the Wanton Bishops. Nader’s influence reaches from Muddy Waters to the Rolling Stones. Eddy has a love for Classic American rock roots. This all resulted in ‘not another blues band’, but as the Wanton Bishops describe it “They made an unique animal from the other part of the world”.

Sleep With The Lights On

Since the release of their debut album “Sleep With The Lights On” they toured around the world to India, Europe, South Africa, the Middle East and America, performing in diver bars to major festivals.

In early 2014 the Wanton Bishops went to the birthplace of Blues. The deep south of the United States. This trip was filmed by Red Bull media house and is set to be released.

Wanton Bishops om vinyl

I can confirm that the Wanton Bishops’ album looks pretty fine in your vinyl collection between the R.L. Burnside and Elmore James records. These two boys from Lebanon make great blues and I can’t wait to see these folks on stage in my local bar or at a major festival around the world.

Read and listen more about the Wanton Bishops on Facebook and the band website

The Wanton Bishops – “Sun Rising”

The Wanton Bishops | Time To Go

The Wanton Bishops | Whoopy Intro

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