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Legendary Shack Shakers – new song “After You’ve Gone” 

The Punk roots Rockers of the Legendary Shack Shakers are about to release a new record on August 25th. via Last Chance Records.  Prior to the album release, they aired a new song called “After You’ve Gone” 

“The maddest, baddest, most outrageous band in America”

 These Guys have often been described as “The maddest, baddest, most outrageous band in America.. a rockabilly version of the Sex Pistols.” Alsof frontman J.D Wilkes The “last greatest Rock N Roll frontman”. 

The Shack Shakers sure made name for themself, and luckily, last June I had the pleasure to see these guys live on stage which was a fantastic Rock N Roll experience. 

The Legendary Shack Shakers – “After You’ve Gone”

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Punk Rocked Blues music by Ford Madox Ford

Punk Rocked Blues music by Ford Madox Ford

In the late seventies The Dils were one of the major Punk Rock bands in the California area. After a few successful years The group fronted by Chip and Tony Kinman broke up in 1980, but the Kinman brothers continued to play music in different projects. The last decade Chip ‘exiled’ from music. But now he has returned with the Punk Rocked Blues band Ford Madox Ford, which reflects Kinman’s own take on the blues. Kinman’s vision and style of playing Blues is out of the box but in some way traditional. It is modern but also close to the roots. But above all it makes me curious what to expect more from this band.

First song: “Expect It”

“Expect It” Is the first song Ford Madox Ford released (on vinyl) by Porterhouse Records. You will hear the Punk Rock influences in this song, but “Expect It” is a arranged on a traditional blues progression. About the sound of Ford Madox Ford Kinman told the L.A. times:

“This is not a boutique band. We play really loud,” “And it is definitely not about ‘keeping the blues alive.’ I went to a big blues show recently and kept hearing that. The blues is not going down the drain by any means, there’s no need for that kind of talk. We are planning on doing everything, recording, touring, winning a Grammy. So that’s the plan — Best Blues album Grammy 2016!”

I’m looking forward hearing more from this band. There is no doubt Ford Madox Ford will bring us very interesting blues inspired music!

Sounds Like: Punk Rock bands play blues | John Spencer Blues Explosion | Dusty & Black Tie

The Dils – “Red Rockers” (1979)

Photo Credit: Press Photo Ford Madox Ford, credits to Ford Madox Ford and the original photographer

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Tokyo based Dusty & Black Tie – Loud Punk Blues / Rock and Roll

Tokyo based Dusty & Black Tie – Loud Punk Blues / Rock and Roll

They bring Garage Rock and Roll and hail from Tokyo in Japan. Their music reminds you of The Cramps, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins and Dick Dale: Dustie & Black Tie is a gritty and raw band that uses Blues and Rock ‘n Roll to make some fine sounding rock music.

Although there is less information about Dusty & Black Tie, their music is everywhere. Dustie brings fine Rock ‘ n Roll rolled into a Punk Burrito.  “Daddy and Bunny” is a song based on a tight rhythm and blues rhythm. The vocals are primitive and powelful, the groove is fast!

Rock and Roll Gangster I & II

“I Wanna Rock”  Is a surf and rockabilly style song built on a 12 bar blues scheme.  Another song “Pimp Zigzag” Is best be described as a Jungle. This song rocks out and contain some catchy guitar and vocals by Miss Dusty & Black Tie.  Dusty & Black Tie released two albums in 2013 called Rock and Roll Gangster I and Rock and Roll Gangster II.

Sounds Like: The Cramps | Dick Dale | Screamin’ Jay Hawkins | John Spencer Blues Explosion

Photo Credit: Album cover Rock and Roll Gangster I, credits to Dusty & Black Tie and the original designer

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Full of darkness, smoke and whiskey Protopunk-Blues of The Jake Wood

Full of darkness, smoke and whiskey Protopunk-Blues of The Jake Wood

Pack your bags and move fast for the next flight to Russia cause in a couple of days you will be able to see the  siberian garage-protopunk-blues of Russian band The Jake Wood. This trio is mostly famous by their powerfull and unpredictable live performances. The Jake Wood is a synonymous for rough, full of darkness, smoke and whiskey.

Hailing from Russia since 2011

The Jake Wood brings rhythmic mechanical beats, bluesy guitar riffs and straight forward lyrics. Since their formation in 2011 they released several recordings including two LP’s. “Jake Wood” their first LP recorded in Tomsk was released in December 2012. This album contains songs like “One More New Pleasure”, which is a slow swamp blues kind of song with here and there some psychedelic influences.

Second LP the Jake Wood – DEUS

The second LP Deus was released 2014 October. Song like “Back tonight” start with a blues feeling groove. Especially the guitar riff brings that rhytmic blues feeling I like. Later this song turns into the protopunk trademark style of The Jake Wood. You hear this through everything, including the wildromance vocals.

Conquering stages around the world

Over the years this trio conquered stages around the world including The International Film Festival Rotterdam, Cinema for peace (Berlin) and the most popular festivals of Russia. Also, The Jack Wood have collaborated with famous musicians like Richard Hell, Lenny Kaye, Mark Ribot, Nick Zinner, Pussy Riot and Le Tigre in New York.

Find out more and Follow The Jake Wood here and Here…

Photo Credit: Cover picture The Jake Wood Facebook, credits to the original photographer and  the Jake Wood

The Jake Wood – Lustful Wolf

The Jake Wood – One More New Pleasur

The Jake Wood – Black Tonight

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Powerful Trash Blues provided by The Pignose Willy’s

Powerful Trash Blues provided by The Pignose Willy’s

The Trash Bluesman of the Pignose Willy’s turn your local bar or festival into a chaotic rage of blues. These guys are foot stomping, electric and their music is fast as lightning.

Comprised of Joost Varkenvisser behind the wheel and doing heavy time on the vocals, electric guitar, kick drum, shaking and kicking everything one man with four limbs possibly can. The lookout man, Pieter Kamp on the roaring whore of the electric distortion blues harmonica. Live on stage these guys are a whole lot of an experience!

Delta Blues Inspiration Pignose Willy’s

Inspired by the early Mississippi Delta Bluesman like Son House, Sonny Boy Williamson, Leadbelly, Charley Patton and Blind Lemon Jefferson The Pignose Willy’s buzz the dirtiest blues in town. In February 2013 they released their first full length album called Who Do You Love.

Who Do You Love debut album

Who Do You Love It is the perfect fuel for an old hotrod heading for the Delta. ‘Hoodoo Jungle Blues’ brings some of the heaviest harmonica, electric guitars and raw-edged vocals. But above all this song grooves, stomps and makes you go craaazy. In ‘Green Bottle’ You will experience the same groove but gives you time to take a small breathe.

‘Fuzzbone Slim’ brings your hotrod closer to the swamps and is as close as the Pignose Willy’s can come to a slow blues song. The screaming harmonica tune digs deep into your bones and is a good reason to listen ‘Fuzzbone Slim’ over and over again.

I had a crazy experience listening to this duo from Holland. The Pignose Willy’s machine guarantees some of the heaviest blues on the planet and Will make you stomp a cowboy boot apart. enjoy your Journey!

“Up your ass craaaazy’ boogie blues burners, with Storming Rhythms and Hoodoo shouting jungle noise vocals! That’s the low down beautifully paced and finely constructed swooning trash sound of The Pignose Willy’s.”


Who Do You Love (2013) The Pignose Willy’s


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Reverend Deadeye performing as a Punk Blues Saint

Reverend Deadeye performing as a Punk Blues Saint

Last Sunday afternoon the holy experience of Reverend Deadeye’s music overwhelmed me. It was the song ‘Drunk on Jesus’ of this former snake handlin’ performer from Arizona that got to me.

Rev Deadeye is the reverend’s son of a reverend’ son who delivers a punk-rock version of gritty pre-war delta blues which he blends with fiery gospel interpretations capable of turnin’ the whole room into a whiskey filled bar room revival.

Punk style Blues music

RevDeadeye-press photo - credit photo to Yeheshua Johnson
RevDeadeye-press photo – credit photo to Yeheshua Johnson

Reverend Deadeye continued the punk style use of the slide guitar, like Hound Dog Tayler did fifty years ago. Hound Dog turned the slide guitar into a Rock ‘n Roll instrument. Rev Deadeye into a true punk machine. It is the use of his modified wok-lid resonator guitar that makes the Reverend songs so recognizable.

The slide guitar was a true delta blues instrument but is now evolved by Reverend Deadeye. The sound changed but the soul of the music doesn’t. It is great to experience how blues and punk rock music are so close to each other.

Songs of Reverend Deadeye

Especially in songs like ‘Yonder Blue’ and ‘Fuck The Devil’ you hear the punk and rock influence in his music. His voice is like a radio stream from blues-punk heaven: gritty, hard and raw. It is the use of his homemade beer can microphone that completes the raw sound of his performance.

Reverend Deadeye One Man Band

Like Joe Hill Louis, and later Ben Prestage did, Reverend Deadeye is an excellent one man band performer. Besides the use of his beer can microphone and wok-lid resonator Guitar, listen to his Kick Drum and washtub snare. To get the idea of his songs you should listen for the some heavy songs to “Backslider Baby’ and ‘Bless My Soul’. For some happy grooving songs to ‘Baby On That Train’.

Shows of Reverend Deadeye

Don’t expect a Sunday mornin’ church service at one of Reverend Deadeye’s shows; instead, expect a Saturday night baptism with fire holy rollin’ revival. I really enjoy the music of the Reverend. Follow him here…

Reverend Deadeye – Fuck the Devil

Reverend Deadeye – “Underneath the Ground”

Reverend Dead Eye Performs on Late Night Denver

Reverend Deadeye – Penticostal Rattle Snake Shake

Reverend Deadeye Spotify

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J. Roddy Walston and the Business Rock ‘n Roll band

J. Roddy Walston and the Business Rock ‘n Roll band

J. Roddy Walston and the Business have crossed my mind a couple of times yesterday. Although they play together for more than ten years, these guys from Cleveland Tennessee were new to me. Somehow I missed J. Roddy and the Business along the musical crossroads. Nevertheless: these guys are a must listen! Continue reading J. Roddy Walston and the Business Rock ‘n Roll band

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