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Ragtime Blues of a group travelers St. Cider

St. Cider  Ragtime Blues in style of the Jug bands

If you listen to St. Cider you’ll hear a nice harmony between a whole lot of roots instruments. But above all it is the harmonious voices of ST. Cider that grab your attention. “Double Yellow Blues’ is a perfect example for the bands repertoire, It is a  fantastic song, I really dig the great vocals and the instrumental jam that lift this song to a climax.

“Greenbelt Blues” is a humble song more folkloric and, slower then other songs in their repertoire. “You Aint No City Dog” is a catchy that will make you dance. The music reminds me of the New Orleans swing, blues and jazz of the pre-war era. Guys like Professor Longhair who was picked up from the street to make music again, Or Frank Stokes who performed with his duo the Beale street Sheiks outdoors.

Travelers making music

St. Cinder is comprised of six travelers. On their Facebook page they write that “We were all individually moving along the line from town to town busking for our fare and seeing the sights and smelling the smells. Our lines crossed in southern Oregon and we hit the ground running”. 

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Sounds Like: The Hokum Highrollers | Hackensaw Boys | Maison du Malheur | White City Shakers


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Song Of the Day: Tampa Red & Georgia Tom – Its Tight Like That

Song Of the Day: Tampa Red & Georgia Tom – Its Tight Like That

The music of Tampa Red is timeless and everytime I’m amazed how great the composition of Tampa’s songs are. For the recording of “It’s Tight Like That” Red worked together with Georgia born blues and gospel musician Georgia Tom.

‘ It’s Tight Like That’  is a Jam between Tampa and Georgia Tom. The catchy vocals and guitar really make this song spin through your head.

Collaboration between Tampa Red and Georgia Tom

Georgia Tom born as Thomas Andrew Dorsey was known as “the father of black gospel music”, he studied music in Chicago and after he became an agent for Paramount Records he soon put together a band for Ma Rainey. By that time Tampa Red also lived in Chicago and was hired to accompany Ma Rainey. Through that collaboration Tanmpa met Georgia Tom. They began recording in early 1928. “It’s Tight Like That was one of their first collaborations. Eventually Tom and Tampa would record over 90 sides. Together they became known as ‘ the Hokum Boys’.

Gertrude “Ma” Rainey-Black Eye Blues

Photo Credit: Jack Delano [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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