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Remixes blues songs Vera Hall’s “Trouble So Hard” by Moby in “Natural Blues”

Eighteen years ago electronic musician and producer Moby had a big hit with his remix “Natural Blues”,  the original version nevertheless was recorded by Adell Hall Ward, better known as Vera Hall.

Vera Hall – Trouble So Hard

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Remixed blues songs Little Walter Rhythm and Blues hit “Up The Line”

Little Walter’s music is good material for a remix. His biggest Hit “My Babe”, has earlier been remixed successfully by JPOD and other DJ’s. Recently I walked into another great remixed blues song of the blues harmonica king. I share with you Little Walter’s “Up The Line”, which was remixed by Catalist and featured on the Electro-Blues Vol.2 album.  

Electro Blues Vol. 2 Album

Electro Blues vol 2. was released by Freshly Squeezed Music, and is full of danceable songs of artists like Freddie King, Etta James, Wynonie Harris and Amos Milburn.  Freshly Squeezed Music is a British independent record label and music publisher.  The Label is currently sitting atop Europe’s  booming electro swing scene, 

Little Walter “Up The Line”

Little Walter’s “Up The Line”, is a song that in its original version would fit in every dance hall today. The driving sax, melodic harmonica and grooving piano really make this song. On top, we add the soulful vocals of Walter and you’ve got it all!

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Remixed Blues Songs: DJ’s __azk__ Remix of Junior Wells’ “Messin’ With The Kid”

Well, when you need some grooving blues music, one of the best around is Junior Wells for sure.  Junior was a king of the harp and everybody should have a copy of his Hoodoo Man Blues album. His music is still today an inspiration for many musicians and also DJ’s know how to adapt his work for a remix. Junior Wells hit “Messin’ with the Kid”  for example was beautifully remix by DJ _AZK_.

Junior Wells Hit song “Messing With The Kid”

“Messin’ with the Kid” was a high grooving cooperation between Buddy Guy and Junior Wells.  The Rhythmic melody of this song is unique and unlike other blues songs, the chord standard was creatively changed. Melvin B London actually wrote the song which Wells released in 1960 on a 7 inch vinyl for the Chief Records Label.

DJ _AZK_ Remix of Blues

Tom Azk a.k.a. dj _AZK_ remix “Messing With The Kid” fantastically. The song is groovy as hell, the funk in fueled intro is a killer and overall you’ll find some danceable beats in this remix.

AZK has been on the musical scene of the north of Spain since the 90’s. He started as a singer and guitar player in local rock bands until he fell in love with the blues and the harmonica, which is now always present in his productions and live shows.

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Remixed blues songs: Billie Holidays “Glad to be Unhappy” By DJ Logic

Her voice was one of the most beautiful in history and even today her music is an inspiration for many musicians. In this serie of blues remixes she can’t be missed. Billie Holiday was an american jazz singer and songwriter. Nicknamed “Lady Day” by her friend and musical partner Lester Young,

DJ Logic remixed her version of “Glad To Be Unhappy” brilliantly. This song was written by Lorenz Hart and Richard Rodgers for their musical On Your Toes in 1936.  Billie Holiday Recorded her version in 1958 for her Lady in Satin album.

Billie Holiday Glad To Be Unhappy
(DJ Logic Remix)

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Blues Remix by A-Frillz: Sonny Boy Williamson’s Start me Talkin’

Blues Remix by A-Frillz: Sonny Boy Williamson’s  Start me Talkin’

Don’t Start Me Talkin’ is one of the trademark song of harmonica bluesman Sonny Boy Williamson II. It was Williamson’s first single recorded for Checker Records and reached number three in the Billboard R&B charts in 1955. Sixty years later it is the subject of a DJ remix by Canadian based A-Frillz.

Deep bass en beats: Mixing blues song

I always like it when producers and DJ’s take old blues song and mix it into a dance version. this song for example, puts the catchy harmonica in the loop and adds a deep bass beat to it! the original vocals of Sonny Boy stay in place and the result is a blues inspired dance hit.

A-Frillz did a great job mixing this blues classic follow and listen more of his mixes via Facebook and Soundcloud

Sonny Boy Williamson – Don’t Start Me Talkin’

photo credit: k.w.b. Let It Spin via photopin (license)

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Remix of blues songs: Bo Diddley by Felix Helpless

Remix of blues songs: Bo Diddley – Pretty Thing (Paspar2 Edit)

Blues music is and will always be an inspiration for musicians and dj’s. Now and then you find on the internet pretty cool remixes of blues and rock n roll songs. Like Bo Diddley’s “Pretty Thing which was mixed by Russian artist Felix Helpless. This blues remix stays close to the original but is edited was some pretty cool bass, beats and hand clapping.

Hailin’ from Yekaterinburg in middle Russia Felix Helpless makes all kinds of remixes from abstract ambient breakbeat downtempo electronic hip hop idm trip hop and classic songs like “Pretty Thing” of Bo Diddley.

On Felix Helpless Bandcamp and Soundcloud you will find more nice remixed of all sort of songs!

Bo Diddley “Pretty Thing” Remixed

Pretty Thing”  was recorded on july 14th, 1955  for checker records and is a product of Chess bass player and songwriter Willie Dixon. Bo Diddley however added his own musical and textual style to it.  The song was Diddley’s third single release through Checker Records after “Diddley Daddy”. British Rock band the Pretty Things took their band name from this song .
Photo credit: By Masao Nakagami ( [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.

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Remixed Blues Songs – Kid Koala 3 Bit Blues

Remixed Blues Songs – Kid Koala 3 Bit Blues

Blues music is good material for musicians who like to remix. Around the internet and on this website you’ll find a lot of remixes of blues artist. A nice Blues song that is turned into a danceable remix is 3 Bit Blues by Kid Koala, a canadian DJ and graphic novelist.

This song is part of the Kid Koala’s 2012 album 12 Bit Blues, which was released on the Ninja Tune Label and contains 12 cool blues oriented dance songs.

Kid Koala has released four solo albums on Ninja Tune the most recent being 12 bit Blues. He has also released two graphic novels: Nufonia Must Fall and Space Cadet. He has also been involved in collaborations such as Gorillaz, Deltron 3030, and The Slew. – See more here!

Live Remix on video

In the video below you see how Kid Koala mixes this blues song to the  danceable remix. It cool to see how this all is made.

Find and listen more of Kid Koala on his Soundcloud website!

Video filmed in one shot, no edits.
Performed by: Kid Koala
Shot by: AJ Korkidakis
Directed by: Paul Labonte

Kid Koala – 2 bit Blues

Another song worth listening on 12 Bit Blues is “2 bit Blues” the catchy main riff is complemented by a Fat Boy Slim kind of beat.

Photo Credit: By Lorena Cupcake on Flickr Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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