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Remix of the Blues: Son House

blues songs remix - Turntable spinning - photo by tengilorg wiki commons -
blues songs remix – Turntable spinning – photo by tengilorg wiki commons

Remix of the Blues: Son House

Son House never thought when he picked up his guitar back in 1928 that his songs would be remixed 90 years later. A lot of producers and DJ’s remix songs and of course the Blues is not forgotten. This first article in the ‘Blues in the remix’ serie: Son House who was brilliantly remixed by Karlo FInkers.

Remix John The Relevator

Karlo FInkers made a fantastic summer feeling blues song remix of ‘John The Relevator’, the combination of the relaxing beat, piano and the deep soul of Son House is the key to this hit.

Origins of John The Relevator

John the Relevator refers to the Apostle John in his role as the author of the Book of Revelation the last book of the new testament. A portion of that book focuses on the opening of seven seals and the resulting apocalyptic events. In its various versions, the song quotes several passages from the Bible in the tradition of American spirituals. The song is a Gospel Blues traditional, first recorded by Blind Willie Johnson in 1930.

Son House Blues remix John the Relevator

Son House recorded the song in the 1960s a couple of times. His version is very soulful his deep voice is truly the blues feeling. The song is without instrumental backing.


Other Remixes of hte Blues song

Other DJ’s also made a remix of the great song, this is a more reggae influenced remix of the blues.

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