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Smokey Wilson’s West Coast Blues music

Smokey Wilson’s West Coast Blues music

We’re goin’ back to 1970 when Smokey Wilson decided to move out of Mississippi. He had a long career in the Juke Joint’s of the southern states, performed with a whole lot of bluesmen and lived the blues for already 34 years. His mother died. He was done with Mississippi and decided to go the city of Angels, Los Angeles.

Moving To Los Angeles blues scene

In L.A. Smokey was confronted with the growing popularity of the blues. Soon after his arrival he opened his own bar the Pioneer Club in Watts. He started playing in the Pioneer Club house band and invited a lot of friends like Big Joe Turner, Albert Collins, Pee Wee Crayton, Shakey Jake and Big Mama Thornton. Before Smokey bought the club The Doors had performed there in 1965.(Encyclopedia of the blues, p 1093)

Smokey Wilson Style and Genre

 Watts -1912 - photo Wiki Commons
Watts -1912 – photo Wiki Commons

His own music is widly stretched in all black music genres. `High Time´ is a great funky song. `Howlin´ for my Darlin´ is a more Chicago style blues song and ´goin´ Away Baby is a fast Rhythm and Blues close to Rock ´n Roll song.  What we can say is that Smokey Wilson is capable in performing all the genres with attitude and flair.

Smokey Wilson best song, in my book, is definitely `I´m No Fool I Know the Rule´. It is the funky voice, the rhythmic screaming and laid back chorus. Somewhere it has the same groove as `Messing with the Kid` by Junior Wells. I´m No Fool I know The Rule has a great groovy a steady between the lines bass guitar, and very fine guitar solo.

Wilson Started recording for several record labels since the seventies, like Cadet, Big Town and Modern Record. He had a lot of success in the Pioneer Club but outside the West Coast his fame was very little.  In 1981 he sued the record labels because he had not been paid for his rightful record and publishing royalties. Find here more about the court case.

Last night I drank beer with some friends and wanted to introduce them to the blues, Rhythm and Blues and Rock ´n Roll. For that night Smokey Wilson was a golden match. His music is always good and every sub-genre he knows how to play with flair.

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