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Clarence Samuels – Lolly Pop Mama

Clarence Samuels – Lolly Pop Mama

Clarence Samuels could sing the doowop, the swing and the boogie. He was an excellent blues shouter like Wynonie Harris and Big Joe Turner. During the forties he work alongside the finest blues orchestra’s and blues band and toured alongside Johnny Copeland.

Clarence Samuels, born in Baton Rouge a son of Beulah Woodward Samuels made quite some fame alongside Roy Brown the Rhythm and Blues musician, who recorded the original song and hit recording “Good Rocking Tonight“. All though there isn’t a lot of music of Samuels available online, Clarence Samuels is absolutely worth listening!

If you listen to Samuels music you will feel the boogie and the swing. The jazzy bassline and horn section really make a like song “Lolly pop Mama” . Clarence voice smoothly grooves over the orchestral music. “Boogie

Woogie Blues” is a song Clarence Samuels sang together with Dave Young’s Orchestra in September 1947.

Clarence Samuels – Boogie Woogie Blues

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