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New album White Bear by Temperance Movement

New album White Bear by  Temperance Movement

I needed some electrifying and soulful blues rock today and found the Temperance Movement from the United Kingdom. This band is kicking ass since 2011 and bringing some grooves, raw vocals and drenched Rock ‘n Roll. Now and then there is taste of  southern rock in the songs of Temperance Movement, but besides all descriptions it is nice listening to their music.

Before forming a band

Before the members of this band formed the Temperance Movement they had played as session men and sidemen with legendary acts including Deep Purple, Jamiroquai, Ray Davies, Klaus Voorman, The Waterboys, James Brown, and Jack Bruce. When the five friends got together for a jam at Audio Underground in North London in 2011, everything they’d experienced in previous bands coalesced into alchemy. Instantly,

Since 2011they have released two albums, “Temperance Movement” was released in 2015 and their second album called ‘White Bear’ came out recently  on July 15th, 2016.

Inspiration from artist like the Stones and Jack White

In their songs you will hear influences of the Rolling Stones, The  Faces, Aerosmith, but also musicians like The Black Keys and Jack White. Their songs are filled with steady riffs which are complemented by the raw and gritty vocals by leadsinger Phil Campell that remind you of Axl Rose and Bryan Johnson of AC DC. Especially songs which contain harmonica really bring the blues feeling of the Temperance Movement to wherever you listen this music. ‘Only Friends’ is a fine example.

New Album White Bear

In The Summer of 2016 their second album ‘White Bear’ came out in stores. This album contains some fine ballads and slow songs like ‘A Pleasent Peace I Feel’ and ‘I Hope I’m Not Losing My Mind’. In addition to these song you will find songs with a familiar sond like ‘Battle Lines’, ‘Oh Lorraine’ and ‘White Bear’.

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