The Fresh blues sound of Charlie Patton’s War

The Fresh blues sound of Charlie Patton’s War

Recently a fresh young band remarkable for their old-schoolsound finished their first American tour this February. These guys ain´t from Mississippi, they howl from Indiana since 2010. Charley Patton´s War is a combination of Chicago Blues, Blues Rock and traditional Blues in the style of the bluesman in their bandname.

Journey throug the Blues genre

Charlie Patton's War Blues music
Charlie Patton’s War Blues music

The combination of those styles within the blues genre is the strength of the band. Listening to the songs of Charlie Patton´s War is a journey through the blues, Blues Rock and Rock ‘n Roll. Overall they are I think comparable with the Black Keys, but they play the blues in a wider range. An example of that is the song Fatties versus Fancy Things, Blues Rock versus old-school Piano Blues. Led Zeppelin versus Big Joe Turner´s jazzier songs.

It is good to hear a band influences by the blues and able to play with a lot of fire, and for that I think a reason to listen to. The songs have recognizable blues riffs, therefore some songs sound familiar like classics from the 30s and 60s blues era. I’m sure they are not at their peak and look forward to their next album.

Charlie Patton’s War Soundcloud

Blend of raw style

On their website they describe their style and live shows: the quartet blends the raw styles of early rural blues music with rock and roll rhythm to create an original sound in such a defined genre. The band’s energetic performances and ability to keep an audience dancing all night long has made it the premiere band to watch in the Midwest music scene.

Blues for the future

I hope we are goin’ to hear a lot more of these guys because there is never enough of fresh blues in town.

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