Hound dog Taylor footage from live video at Ann Arbor festival

A song that shaped Rock ‘n’ Roll: Hide Away by Hound Dog Taylor

Back in  1960-1961 Freddie King released a song called “Hideaway” on the Federal label and reached the top of the blues charts for several weeks.  Sources write that Hound Dog Taylor wrote the song in 1960 and  Freddie took some parts of it for his version of the hit. Hound Dog version didn’t reach as high as Freddie’s and he didn’t get any credit but, in any case,  he recorded the most badass version of them all.  

“He was never really a star, not even in the blues world. He wasn’t famous like B.B. or Albert King. He didn’t have hit singles on R&B radio in the ‘50s, just a couple of local 45s that were on a few South Side juke boxes. For almost thirty years, Hound Dog Taylor and his HouseRockers played totally raw bar blues in the totally raw blues bars of Chicago’s South and West Sides, making joyous music for neighborhood crowds, playing for audiences where he knew everyone and everyone knew him”

Bruce Iglauer 

Hound Dog Taylor “HideAway”

Hound dog Taylor shows how gifted he is in  creating very danceable songs. He had a fantastic backing band in his Houserockers, who let him excellate his virtuoso guitar playing. This instrumental track is remarkable for its jungle beats and powerful fast thriving bass licks.

Freddie King – Hideaway
“Hide Away” or “Hideaway” in the shape of Freddie King’s version is like you’d expect  more funky, more soul and bluesier than Hound Dog’s song. Because of Freddie “Hideaway” has become “a standard for countless blues and rock musicians performing today”.


Stevie Ray Vaughan – Hideaway

Especially in his early days Stevie Ray Vaughan performed this song often. I like how SRV always created a new song with his own trademark style of any cover he recorded. And that includes “Hideaway” too.

Photo credit: Hound dog Taylor footage from live video at Ann Arbor festival

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