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Special version Built For Comfort – Howlin’ Wolf

Special version Built For Comfort – Howlin’ Wolf

In November 1968 Howlin’ Wolf recorded for Cadet Concept Records (a subsidiary of Chess Records) the Howlin’ Wolf Album which contains a whole different sound than we are used from Wolf. The album incorporates use of wah-wah pedal and fuzzbox, unconventional rhythms, beats and influences from Psychedelic Rock. Producer Marshall Chess augmented the rhythm of Howlin Wolf’s live band with the use of electric organ and saxophone.

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In his biography Moanin’ at Midnight: The Life and Times of Howlin’ Wolf,Howlin’ Wolf tells he disliked the sound, which he did not consider to be blues. In his bio guitarist Pete Cosey recalls that during the recording sessions, Howlin’ Wolf “looked at me and he said ‘Why don’t you take them wah-wahs and all that other shit and go throw it off in the lake — on your way to the barber shop?’

Howlin wolf album blog black bull blues

“Built For Comfort” Psychedelic Blues version

Nevertheless there are a lot of unique songs on this album. My favorite is “Built For Comfort” which contains a unique groove electrifying guitar solos and some of the finest psychedelic guitar riffs around. Especially on his ‘Chess albums’, Howlin’ Wolf really grooved and used a lot of funk influences. Like on his 1971 album “Message To The Young”.

Built For Comfort was originally written by Willie Dixon, but the Howlin’ Wolf version is more thematic. The version Wolf recorded on the London Session Album is worth listening too. find it here below:


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