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Classic Blues Songs: Arthur Gunter’s “Crazy Me” and “Baby Let’s Play House”

Arthur Gunter put the Excello label on the national map in the fifties with “Baby Let’s Play House”. Elvis Presley recorded the song a few years later and scored also a big hit with his version. Arthur Gunter a blues guitarist from Georgia eventually released  one album called Blues after Hours in 1971.

Classic blues song “Crazy Me”

“Crazy Me” is my favorite song in his repertoire. It is a blues standard containing some groovy piano rhythm and excellent guitar work. The vocals in “Crazy Me” are catchy and straight forward. This song should be part of every blues set.

Arthur Gunter – ” Crazy Me”

Winning  $50,000 on the Michigan State Lottery in 1973

Around the internet, you’ll find some cool stories about this bluesman who was born in Gunterorn in Oglethorpe County, Georgia. Arthur Gunter did not have the career a musician with his talent should have had. But nevertheless, he was living comfortably in Michigan in the seventies because he had won $50,000 on the Michigan State Lottery in 1973.

Performing in Gospel and Blues bands

He grew up playing music in Gospel groups with his Brothers and cousins. Later he performed in several blues bands in the Nashville, Tennessee area. He began recording for Excello Records in 1954.

Arthur Gunter – “Baby Let’s Play House”

Hit song “Baby Let’s Play House” for Excello

In the autumn of 1954, Gunter recorded “Baby Let’s Play House” for Excello. The song became a hit and reached to number 12 in the US Billboard R&B chart. When Elvis Presley recorded a version for Sun Records later that year “Baby Let’s Play House” became nationally known. According to Wikipedia Gunter would later say about the first royalty check he received that same year, was for $6,500.

Arthur Gunter died of pneumonia in 1976, aged 49, at his home in Port Huron, Michigan. A few years ago Jasmine Records released an album with his greatest hits which is pretty easy to obtain. Hopefully, the name of Arthur Gunter will remain known.

Elvis Presley – ” Baby Let’s Play House”

photo credit: corrine klug Abandoned Piano via photopin (license)

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