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Classic Blues Songs Howlin’ Wolf: “I Walked From Dallas”

Classic Blues Songs Howlin’ Wolf: “I Walked From Dallas”

Howlin’ Wolf released the single “I Walked From Dallas” in 1965 along with B-side  “Don’t Laugh At Me”.  Like you hear in more work from Howlin’  Wolf mostly his later work, he mixes guitar, bass and drum with saxophone accents to create an ultimate groove. Complemented with his deep gritty voice Howlin’ Wolf brings true unique blues!

Howlin’  Wolf Album and TV Appereance in 1965

In 1965 Howlin’ Wolf also released the great Real Folk Blues album with killer songs like “Killing Floor”, “Taildragger” and “Built for Comfort”.  And also made his appearance on the American misic TV show Shandig. The Rolling Stones had the opportunity to invite one of their idols and chose Wolf.

I Walked From Dallas
Tell Me What I’ve Done
Don’t Laugh At Me
Ooh Baby (Hold Me)

Recording “I Walked from Dallas”

“I Walked From Dallas” was recorded on April 15, 1965 in Chicago. Howlin’ Wolf on harmonica and vocal,  Eddie Shaw, tenor sax, Lee Eggleston on piano, Hubert Sumlin and Buddy Guy guitar and Sam Lay  on drums. It’s not certain who plays the bass.

TV Appearance Howlin’ Wolf in 1965

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