Bay Area ‘Arhoolie’ bluestrio HowellDevine

Bay Area ‘Arhoolie’ blues trio HowellDevine

The legendary Arhoolie Records label was and is the home of some of greatest country blues musicians around. Lightnin’ HopkinsBlack Ace and Mance Limbscomb, for example all recorded for this label. Since 2012 there is a  new member of the Arhoolie records roster,  Blues trio  HowellDevine .

Hill Country blues tradition

HowellDevine is based in the San Fransisco Bay area and is bringing us a mixture of all kinds of blues in the hill country tradition. You have to listen for yourself to experience the real vibe of the sound. But to get a taste of this music you got to know the grooves are sometimes hypnotic and above you will find a tight mixture of some harmonica and guitar virtuosity.

Sounds Like: Country Blues | Sonny Terry & Brownie Mc Ghee | R. L Burnside | Junior Kimbrough | Davis Coen | Arhoolie Records 

Covers of classic blues songs

The band covered some classic songs like Muddy Waters’ “I Can’t Be Satisfied”. Another song “I Won’t be Long Now” will remind you of the work from Reverend Gary Davis’. I directly thought of Davis’  hit “I am the Light”. HowellDevine’s “She Brought Life Back To The Dead”  contains some fine harmonica which grooves like old Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee songs.  “Let You Go” another cool song, contains a chorus you dig, the lyric part “one of these days..” keeps spinning in your head.

Those who love harmonica should definitely listen to “Woogie Man”, a harmonica song built on a jazzy bass line and jazzy rhythms. HowellDevine throws you back to the heydays of Hill country blues and let you enjoy the true meaning of this music!

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