New GravelRoad album “Capitol Hill Country Blues” brings you back to the Hill Country

New GravelRoad album “Capitol Hill Country Blues” brings you back to the Hill Country

The Seattle-based band GravelRoad is back with a new album called Capitol Hill Country Blues! This is the follow-up of El Scuerpo which was released in 2014. Thia is the sixth studio album from GravelRoad and is recorded and mixed by legendary engineer Jack Endino in late 2015 & early 2016.

The title songs of this album “Capitol Hill Country Blues” really honors its name through the up-tempo rhythms and boogie guitar. This song will remind you of the work of R.L Burnside, Junior Kimborough and  of course the bluesman who always is connected to GravelRoad: T-Model Ford.These blues guys have always been an inspiration for GravelRoad and it’s nice to hear that now continu, solid like a backbone on their new album.

Capitol Hill Country Blues

Come and Gone

Rabbit Run

Title Song and favorites

“Come and Gone” Is also a favorite and brings the GravelRoad liquor mix of Blues and Grunge more in place. GravelRoad always brings their blues with a garage-edged angle. But all things beside song is it is a pleasure to listen.

“Rabbit Run”, is also amazing for its tight bassline combined with steady rhythms and perfectly timed vocals. the guitar dances through the arrangement like in most well produced Country Blues. The album is nicely mixed and you will hear that mostly in the bass which is solid and brings a deeper connection to the beat and the melodies.

Compared to the earlier work “Capitol Hill Country Blues” is a softer album but very recognizable as a GravelRoad album.  You will be hit by the train and will get lost in the Hill country arrangements.


GravelRoad and T-Model Ford

GravelRoad made fame as the backing band of T-model Ford with whom they recorded two albums.  Earlier they told Black Bull Blues about their T-model Ford days. But the Seattle band has stepped out of the T-Model Ford shadow al very long time ago.  With their sixth album GravelRoad showed us how grooving Hill Country blues can be.

This Album is available as download, CD, Cassette and LP via Knick Knack Records.

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