Bandcamp Photo of: Blind-boy-chocolate-the-milk-sheiks

Pure music of Blind Boy Chocolate &The Milk Sheiks

Bandcamp Photo of: Blind-boy-chocolate-the-milk-sheiks
Bandcamp Photo of: Blind-boy-chocolate-the-milk-sheiks

Pure music of Blind Boy Chocolate & The Milk Sheiks

Blind Boy Chocolate & The Milk Sheiks is a band that plays blues, ragtime, jazz or bluegrass in the style of the jug bands of the early twentieth century. These Guys started in the summer of 2009 as a three piece band with Dwight Hawkins, Nicholas Marshall and Antone Costa primarily featuring the wood saw, mandolin and guitar respectively.

The love for old blues, jazz and ragtime brought these guys together, their love for music would soon be turned into performing together. A show of these guys, wherever it is in your local pub or on the streets is full of good energy swinging rhythm and please focus on the wood saw which adds a pervasive melody.

My Gal Sal





After a half a year of heavy busking, the band gained momentum and began to play inside venues as well as on the sidewalk. Since then, Alex Brady has come into the ranks on the gut bucket bass, though other members have come in and out of the band as time and circumstances permitted.

Revival of Arhoolie records

Blind Boy Chocolate & The Milk Sheiks could easily be part of the Arhoolie Family. They will remind you of the divers styles of southern traditional music the label produced over the years. Through all the songs you will hear a mix of all kinds of traditional American Folk Music. The band’s repertoire is drawn largely from a bank of early American music, consisting of both black and white string and jug band music and draws on the pre-war blues, ragtime, early jazz and songster traditions.

(Force Feeding)The American Standard




Blind Boy Chocolate & The Milk Sheiks performed at Merlefest in the Spring of 2011 and has taken its antics throughout the Southern states, up and down the East coast and even a bit out in the Western states, but has mainly made a name for itself in Western NC.

Pure traditional American Folk Music

You don’t need a Gibson Les Paul or a Fender Jazz Bass to play great music or add all kinds of effects units to create a great sound. That is what this band will prove you. We are curious to hear a lot more of this great band.

You Just As Well Let her Go




St James infirmary blues

St. James Infirmary Blues from Blind Boy Chocolate and The Milk Sheiks on Myspace.

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