Blues songs: Take Me Back Lightnin’ Hopkins

Baby take me Back – Lightnin’Hopkins

Of course, there are a lot of ways you can treat the blues, but it will still be the blues.

Count Basie – 

Favorite Blues Songs: Take me Back

Blues Music Lightnin' Hopkins
Blues music Lightnin’ Hopkins

One of my favorite blues songs is Take Me Back by Lightnin’ Hopkins. And while there are a lot of legendary blues musicians, Lightnin’ Hopkins is one of my favorite. The ease he plays his songs, the groovynes of his sound, enjoy the song. For now the Black Bull Blues Blog Song of the week.

The Black Bull Blues

Rollingstone named Lightnin’ Hopkins one of the best guitarist that ever lived. And I wonder, How does this man play with that kind of relaxation. How do you get that kind of groove. And how does that voice reaches so deep.

As new bands reach the top of the charts. Win Grammy’s and play for David Letterman, musicians like Lightnin’, Muddy and Howlin’ Wolf will always stay influential. That is the thing of the blues. Without the roots there are no fruits, Willie Dixon once said. I heard the Alabama Shakes play and sing, and most definately they where inspired bij Lightnin’ and the gang, like Willie Dixon said.

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