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Charles Caldwell, the forgotten blues great

Charles Caldwell, the forgotten blues great

An example of a bluesman who never got the fame he deserved is Charles Caldwell. A Mississippi musician who can easily be compared with Lightning Hopkins or John Lee Hooker, R.L. Burnside or Junior Kimborough. Caldwell who was born in may 1943 near Coffeeville, Yalobushi-county Mississippi spent most of his life working at an industrial plant.

Caldwell begun playing the blues as ateenager, for over fourty years Charles Caldwell songs stayed unrecorded. Nevertheless, he made little fame at the local juke joints.

Charles Caldwell’s blues recording

Fat Possum Records owner Matthew Johnson met Caldwell and offered him to record some songs. Charles Caldwell accepted the offer. It resulted in the fantastic original Delta Blues album Remember Me.

Johnson writes on the website of Fat Possum: “seeing Charles Caldwell play changed everything for me. He still enjoyed playing; he was charismatic; he had a presence. In my view, Charles would be the next bomb, a last, undiscovered bastion of a dying breed. Did he want to make a record? Hell yes.”

Charles Caldwell Remember me

Remember Me is an album absolutely worth listening. It reminds of later albums of R.L. Burnside and Junior Kimborough. It has the same deep Delta blues and rhythmic guitar sound.

For Vinyl lovers there is some good news: the album is available on vinyl. check it out here.

Charles Caldwell – Same Man

Charles Caldwell – Down The Road Of Love

Charles Caldwell – Movin’ Out Movin’ In

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