Dirty Deeps Gritty Blues: From One Man Band to Blues trio

Dirty Deeps Gritty Blues: From One Man Band to Blues trio

Hailin’ from France Dirty Deep a.k.a Victor Sbrovazzo started as a one man band musician in 2010. On his second album “Shotgun Wedding” Dirty Deep became a duo. Now with the release of their third ablum these bluesrockers became a trio. Dirty Deep makes gritty blues mixed with folk and rock influences. In the last few years they have spread the religion of the blues all over France succesfully.

Influence from John Lee Hooker to Left Lane Cruiser

Dirty Deeps influences come from blues masters like Sonny Boy Williamson II, John Lee Hooker, Son House and more recent Scott H. Biram, Left Lane Cruiser, Mark Porkshop Holder and many others.

Dirty Deep is one of the most talented new bluesmasters around and you will see that in the loud vocals, thrilling harmonica and traditional slide guitar. Check it on Youtube where you’ll find a whole lot of songs of these guys.

Back to the Roots and Whats Flowin’ in my Veins

In 2012 Dirty Deep released his first EP called  “Wrong Way / I’m going home”. Later that year followed the full lenght  album “Back To the Roots”. With this album Dirty Deep toured around. Dirty Deep will mark you like a red-hot iron Now, as a trio, they’re driving France wild with their modern juke-joint blues, which is faithful to tradition yet grungy; The effect is something between dance and shock-therapy.

Sounds Like: Lightnin’ Slim | CW Ayon | Ben Prestage | Left Lane Cruiser |

Dirty Deep – Junky Green Truck (Unplugged in Montréal)

Photo credit: Screenshot from Unplugged in Montréal (Mont Royal) “Junky Green Truck” by Dirty Deep credits to: Dirty Deep | The Director Mathieu Garcia : kinto-mo.tv and Second Camera : Celim Hassani

What Flows in My Veins – Dirty Deep

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